Woodworking basics

If you are beginner in woodworking or you just thinking about giving woodoworking a try, there is no better way to learn than from a book which was written by the man who owns an runs his woodworking school for more than twenty years. Woodworking basics – Mastering essentials of craftsmanship is a guide on all things that an average woodworker should know and all of that is explained in a manner that everybody can understand it without any prior knowledge about woodworking.
woodworking basics

The author of the book, Peter Korn, is the founder and executive director of the Center for furniture craftsmanship, a non-profit woodworking and design school in Rockport, Maine. A furniture maker since 1974, his work has been exhibited nationally in galleries and museums.

The book is based on two-week course in woodworking fundamentals offered at previously mentioned Center for furniture craftsmanship in Camden, Maine. This book takes a traditional approach to teaching, with the idea that learning basic skills is essential to craftsmanship. In the process, the book covers all the bases–from working with hand tools to cutting dovetails. It also includes two complete projects: a bench and a small cabinet.

woodworking basics page

The book is divided into chapters which guide you through all the phases of woodworking. First you can learn all about wood types and wood physical properties and after that all about joinery. Woodworking machines and hand tools are explained in detail and there are specific instruction on how to work with each of them. Milling a board four-square, cutting a mortise and tenon joints and dovetails is explained to the finest detail. After you mastered all the skills the book provides you with two woodworking plans on how to make a small bench and side table. Visit Tools First to see review on the best milling machines on the market.

Woodworking basics gives you thorough introduction to the skills and techniques needed to become a skilled woodworker. Nothing overly complex or astounding, but you will gain a great deal of satisfaction and confidence by following the exercises and practicing. The book is written clearly and in a friendly, accessible tone. It focuses only on a few techniques rather than overwhelming the reader with every obscure joint available to the woodworker and by our opinion this is the best manual for every beginner in woodworking.

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