Why You Should Consider Building a Simple House

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Purchasing or building a house is one of the most common dreams/goals we can find in today’s society, and I can say that it is probably the most frequent one all around the world. For some people, this might not be necessary since they already have a form of property they will be taken care of when they grow old or independent.

Why You Should Consider Building a Simple House

But for others who have been living in rented places for most of their lives, the idea of having a property that they can call their own and that they can inherit to future generations is more than appealing.

Building a Non-Conventional Property

We can all agree to say that getting a house is a simple concept, but with a really deep meaning behind it considering the amount of effort and time, most of us have to spend to fulfill this dream. But with times as they are now, and how everyone’s perception of life and happiness has been changing along the way, we concluded that not everyone has the same concept of a dreamed house. I am one of those people who can be bumped in the category of not wanting kids, for example, and for those who are under the same circumstances, some questions have to be asked, with the first one being: is a standard place actually worth it for us?

Regular houses have their advantages, but the main is, of course, space. But for someone like me who just wants to live peacefully on his own, a simple property is much more enticing. With that said, some might not be as cheap as one would expect, as mentioned here. This is because the prices of already built residences are decided by a lot of factors, and those factors can completely affect the prices that would otherwise be considered cheap.

Things like its location, its structure, its age, and the materials used to build it, are some of the factors I mentioned earlier. However, what about building it? In fact, some people have even started to build houses using things like containers and let me tell you that they can get really fancy without getting as expensive. Others even go as far as making their own truck houses, with all the challenges that come with it. If you are interested in having a simple house built, this article will showcase some of the reasons why you should venture into it, as well as some of the things you should consider before and while you do it.

Why Build a Simple House

Building a simple house is all about cost-efficiency. To thrive in a home that suits our needs perfectly without having to spend a lot of money on it is its main goal. Thankfully, there are certain house plans online you can use to build your very own abode with the help of builders and contractors. These are meant to provide a plan that is affordable and will result in a dwelling place that is comfortable, good looking, and sturdy, always considering the most important aspects: a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and a bedroom. Some designs might have other facilities installed in the plan, but most of them will thrive to achieve comfortability with these locations. Still, for someone like me, this is more than enough.

Getting Creative

There is a YouTube channel that focuses on people living comfortably in small houses like these, sharing some of their ideas and achievements at designing them. This channel is Living Big in a Tiny House, and it might be wise to visit its website for some ideas. Bryce Langston mentions how in tiny and simple houses, certain areas can perform multiple roles, such as a living room being a playroom and a dining room at the same time.

Why You Should Consider Building a Simple House - house

Sometimes, certain areas of the house can also transform to fulfill other functions or release space. This allows us to get creative and achieve different goals in a single, simple property. For example, if you check the video mentioned in the previous link, you will see how one tiny house has a bedroom that is constantly located near the roof and can be brought down with a lever to be used when sleeping time is near. Your imagination is the limit, but you can always rely on professional planners to help you come up with a much more efficient, reliable design for your simple house.

Other Things to Consider

I have some recommendations before you decide to venture into the challenge of having a simple house built, and the first one is understanding your life priorities. It has its advantages, but it might not be compatible with some people. People who want to have a family, for example, should not get a small house. Children need space to release some of their energy and play around, and they also need their own rooms to achieve a certain level of independence while they are growing up. Small houses with single bedrooms are not recommended in these situations. The same can be said for people who enjoy constant social interaction and social activities like parties. No one would like to have a part in a really small place, that’s for sure!

Small houses are better for those who enjoy spending their time in peace while enjoying their hobbies, or just having silence as their companions. If you have a partner or a pet, you might enjoy a small homestead the same way as if you were alone, too, and that’s a plus. Some people also like the idea of getting truck houses so they can travel around and enjoy the experience of being a nomad while having a place they can call home, in the back of their trucks. On some occasions, you might need to learn certain aspects of housing, like the installation of solar panels, for example. Overall, you should always consider the needs and problems you might face depending on the type of life you decide to live and act accordingly. Online housing communities and professional services can provide you a lot of guidance with this, so you can count on them!

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