Stay Safe: 7 Key Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Home Security System

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There’s a burglary every 15 seconds in the United States. That’s almost 5,800 burglaries and break-ins each day. And you never know when your home will be the next target. As a homeowner, you’re willing to do just about anything to help your family and your belongings stay safe every day.

7 Key Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Home Security System

Installing a security system can help fill in the gaps and provide you with constant protection. Here are a few reasons to consider buying a home security system as soon as possible.

  1. Helps Your Family Stay Safe

Your family is the most important thing in the world. But good locks aren’t always enough to keep your loved ones safe inside your home. Installing a home security system bolsters your existing security efforts. It works in conjunction with high-quality door locks, window locks, and in-home fire detectors 24-hours a day. As long as the system is on, your family will be safe from common threats. And if anything happens, the system will notify the authorities even if you and your family can’t do it yourself.

  1. Protects Your Belongings

Thieves target homes that look easy to break into and homes that have noticeable valuables inside. And if your house looks like it might have something worth stealing, it becomes an instant target. Installing a security system helps protect your belongings whether you’re home or away. The system monitors your house and gets triggered if anyone sets foot inside the property. The system protects your belongings by detecting burglars or intruders when they enter your home. Instead of having all the time they need to get your possessions out of the house, they only have a few minutes at most. This greatly reduces the amount of damage they can do and helps keep more of the things you love safe inside.

  1. Adds Value to Your Home

The average homeowner only stays in their house for about 13 years. When the time comes to sell your home, you’ll want to get as much as you can for the property. Installing a home security system increases your home’s value. This makes it easier for you to set a higher asking price and still attract buyers. Think of it this way: people want homes with all the bells and whistles. But they’re not always willing to install those features themselves. If your home comes with a security system, that’s one less thing they’ll have to take care of down the line. Most buyers will happily pay more for homes that require fewer upgrades. Even better, the system helps set your home apart from others in the neighborhood, further increasing the likelihood of the property selling quickly.

  1. Lowers Your Homeowners Insurance Premiums

Homeowners insurance providers base the premiums you pay partly on how risky your home is to insure. If it’s older and more likely to need costly repairs, it’s going to cost more. And if you live in an area where break-ins are common, you’ll pay more for coverage. Installing a home security system helps lower your home’s risk, making it less likely that you’ll need to file a claim with your insurance company. Over the life of your policy, this potentially saves the insurance company thousands of dollars. They pass some of these savings onto you in the form of lower premium payments.

7 Key Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Home Security System - gadgets

  1. Gives You Peace of Mind When You’re Away

Burglars are almost always more likely to target a house when no one is at home. If there are fewer witnesses, it’s easier to sneak in and out undetected. So, how do you keep your home safe when you’re not there to keep an eye on things? Security systems do the job for you. They act as your eyes and ears even when you’re away from home. If activity gets detected and no one turns off the alarm, the security system will send an alert to the monitoring company and notify the authorities. It’s completely automated and it works even when you’re not at home. When you know your belongings are safe even when you’re not there to keep an eye on them, you’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed whether you’re going to work or heading out on vacation.

  1. Deters Thieves and Vandals

Thieves like an easy target. They actively check for things like alarm systems, security cameras, and motion-sensing lights by the major entry points. If they see that your home has a security system in place, they’ll be less likely to target the property. It’s as simple as that. You can even make it more obvious by displaying your alarm company’s logo on a front-facing window. Thieves will see it and keep moving on.

  1. Protects Against Multiple Threats

When you install a home security system, it’s primary purpose is likely to protect your home against break-ins. But that’s not the only thing the system can do. Security systems can protect against multiple threats like fires, floods, and carbon monoxide poisoning. If any of these issues get detected, the system notifies the appropriate authorities and sounds an alarm to tell you to get out of the house. Just make sure to select a system that has the features you’re looking for. Some systems just aren’t equipped to monitor the threats you’re most worried about.

Final Thoughts

Helping your family and your home stay safe at all times is always a priority. Installing a security system can help you do just that. Just make sure to consider what you want the system to do before you commit to a security provider. This way, you’ll be able to get the best system for your needs without having to upgrade in a year or two. Looking for more tips to help you keep your home safe and in great shape? Check out our latest posts.

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