Why Choose Solar Energy

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The Sun is undoubtedly our strongest power source. Although we can catch only a percentage of this energy, by using solar power and making the most out of this energy source we can make a significant difference for the globe. The dominant energy source for expanding homes has become solar energy, thanks to solar panel funds and increasingly competitive market costs. Due to the fact that the technology has evolved substantially in recent years, solar batteries are stored and made a useful and clean energy source.

Why Choose Solar Energy in 2021

This article will discuss the many reasons why solar energy should be the first choice for everybody in 2021.

1. Combating the planet crisis

Whether you are aware of it or not, generating power produces a lot of carbon emissions. In the US, fossil fuel energy accounts for 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions, including carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gas. This energy is known as “brown power”. It’s a mix of coal and natural gas-powered electricity that enters the grid to then power homes with electricity. Solar energy systems chop away and replace a large slice of greenhouse gas creation with clean and sustainable energy. Photovoltaic technologies, more commonly known as solar panels and concentrating solar power (CSP) both create this clean energy, which makes it the two most environmentally beneficial energy sources we now have. By using commercial solar panels to provide the house with solar energy you will reduce the carbon footprint of the whole household and your overall impact on the environment.

At the end of 2020, the US has 97.7 GWdc of solar power capacity online, and over 19 gigawatts (GWdc) had been installed online this last year alone. Those numbers are enough to power almost 18 million American households. With regard to emissions, the US solar energy emissions reduction is comparable to the quantity of carbon stored in 2 billion trees.

2. They’re a money saver

While solar system costs are dropping, installing solar panels still represents an important investment. However, as solar energy is almost free, the system will save you money for decades and actually pay for your electricity bill! These savings takes the number of the electricity bill to a much lower number. Overall, in the long run, this investment will save you money.

Your solar panel system will pay for itself completely in around 8 years after the installation by supplying your home with free electricity. After that, by using nothing but solar panels, you will begin to get money. Often these solar cells live decades – on average for about 25 to 30 years. It is also possible to lease solar panels to try it out for a couple of months if purchasing is not on the cards right now.

3. Solar energy installations provide Investment Tax Credits (ITC)

The Energy Policy Act was approved in 2006 by Congress and the Solar Investment Tax Credit was introduced. The vast solar sector you see nowadays has been given rise to this incentive, known as ITC. Since the passing of the ITC, more than 10,000 percent has grown in the US solar sector, creating hundreds of thousands of employees and injecting billions of dollars into the economy. All due to a discount on tax!

Why Choose Solar Energy in 2021 - installing solar panels

Today, ITC’s tariffs from a small-scale rooftop to a big solar power plant powering thousands of homes are 26 percent more than those of any solar plant. By 2021, ITC loans are only available for solar projects of utility scale. Right now, invest into a home solar system that will pay for itself in a few years—or make use of the credit right now to change to a plan on solar energy—that still enables you to benefit from the savings potential.

4. Less strain on the electricity grid

The electricity grid is very complex, yet the basic principle of the entire system is based on supply and demand. Supply always needs to match demand, but sometimes demand exceeds the quantity of power supplied by the grid. If demand becomes larger than the supply them blackouts can occur widespread and create long-term damage to the system. That is why the diversification of the energy grid requires so much solar power. To understand this better, it is also good to understand how solar power works. If one power source fails, such as the time of the Texas energy crisis of February 2021, using solar energy is one way to avert energy failures.

5. Solar energy can make you money

Solar power generators aid in lessening the strain on the energy grid by providing more energy in necessary times of high demand in order to prevent blackouts. Although generators do this, people with solar panels can also aid in this and get compensated for it. Depending on the state and country you are living in, you may have the option to participate in net metering. If your solar panels produce more electricity than you are using then you can get compensated for it by your utility company. Companies will buy the energy from you and pay the energy providers accordingly.

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