Why Choose SABIC LEXAN Machine Guards?

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Sabic LEXAN Machine Guards are a unique type of security system that uses lasers to scan the area around the machine to detect unauthorized access. If there are a lot of security machine guards, why choose SABIC LEXAN Machine Guards? This system is very effective and perfect for high-security areas such as hospitals, airports, prisons, and other places. It provides high-quality protection, and you can easily operate it. With this machine guarding product, you can rest assured that your equipment is always protected and sound.

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Today, I’ll explain SABIC LEXAN machine guards with a few quick facts about them. If you’re curious, keep reading this article to learn more about this powerful machine guard!

What Is Lexan™ High-Security Glazing?

Lexan™ high-security glazing products are commercial and industrial buildings from break-ins and vandalism. Combined with razor wire, awnings, and signage, these materials create nearly impenetrable boundaries. These glazing materials are not vulnerable to sunlight and the elements. They are also resistant to acids, alkalis, solvents and sprays. Extrusion produces perimeter, tempered, laminated, and other security glazing solutions. Bubble rollers stretch the molecules of plastic into a long shape that is then wound into coils or rods and cut or pressed into shape. These cuts are essentially multiple uses of fibreglass-reinforced plastic.

Why Choose For SABIC LEXAN Machine Guards?

Lexan Machine Guard is a unique glass-reinforced polymer that offers high-security protection. It is a glass-based material for factory and industrial applications, such as hospitals and laboratories. This material is especially resistant to acids, alkalis, solvents and sprays. Here are some of the features that make Lexan™ high-security glazing products ideal:

  • High Optical Quality

Lexan™ high-security glazing products have high optical quality and are resistant to UV rays, rain and moisture. The material’s clarity allows light to pass through the glass with minimal distortion. The glass offers good light transmission, privacy and security.

  • UV Protected

UV rays can be harmful to the eyes. Lexan™ high-security glazing products are transparent and offer the same level of sun protection that you would find in a pair of sunglasses. UV rays do not affect the material’s optical quality.

  • Solar Control Sheet

These security glazing products are flexible and can be custom cut for solar control. Installing Lexan solar control sheets reduces heat gain in sun-facing windows and lowers cooling expenditures.

  • Coated Sheet

The Lexan™ high-security glazing products can be coated on the front and back with a uniform, durable coating. It also acts as an additional layer of protection for the glass and against damage that may lead to breakage.

  • Fire Resistant

Safety and fire resistance is another important aspect of Lexan™ high-security glazing products. The material is considered non-combustible and offers heat and smoke resistance. Wind tunnel testing reveals that these glass barriers prevent flames from spreading via shared walls.

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Benefits of Coated MARGARD™ Sheet for Machine Guards

The Coated MARGARD ™ sheet is an anti-scratch, scratch and abrasion-resistant film. It is a highly transparent film made from Polyethylene-terephthalate (PET) that protects against weathering, scratching and wear. This product is resistant to sunshine, high and low temperatures, abrasion, weathering, alkalis, and acids. Here is some key benefit of using Coated MARGARD™ sheet include:

  • Provides excellent optical clarity
  • Resistance to low, high and extreme temperatures
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Excellent UV light transmission
  • Excellent scratch and abrasion resistance

What to Look for When Choosing Machine Guards?

A machine guard can be any part of the machine that a person could destroy. A machine guard should be heavy enough to withstand an impact without being too heavy to lift. The most important part of the Polycarbonate machine guards is the locking mechanism. It depends on the design and material used to choose what type of machine guards you need.

  • Lamination

Many security glass options are available, but machine guards are typically made from Lexan™ high-security glazing products. The most popular product is the laminated security glass. It’s made with two strong sheets of material joined with an interlayer for industrial use. The interlayer makes it more durable and resistant to impacts and can protect against projectiles, hammering and sawing.

  • Security & ID Cards

The simplest form of machine guard is a simple metal plate bolted onto the machine. These plates typically lock in place and can be locked with keys or combinations on them. If the person operating the equipment needs to use a tool, such as a power drill or impact driver, they need to take it out and put it back after they are done. It adds some additional steps to what they had to do before.

  • Chainmail Fabric

Machine Guards are occasionally formed of chainmail woven from stainless steel strands. Chainmail is typically used as a safety guard but can also protect the machine’s more valuable or sensitive parts. Another added benefit of chainmail fabric is the resistance to radiation. It can withstand high temperatures and tends to protect against sparks and other flying objects.

  • Face & Eye Protection

Face and eye protection is another form of machine guards. It typically consists of a metal or plastic mask that covers the person’s face and head with a protective visor. They can be solid jaw masks or material helmets with visors on them. Mechanical guards, such as turnstiles or revolving doors, can also be used for face and eye protection.

  • Safety Glazing

Safety glazing can be made of either Lexan™ high-security glazing products or safety glass. It is typically used in low-pressure, no-blast areas to protect from dust, debris and dangerous chemicals. These are typically used in good control or wastewater treatment areas, such as in the tanks or pits of hydroelectric power stations.

Final Words

At the end of the discussion, SABIC LEXAN machine guards are all about your safety and security. Whether you’re a business owner who wants to protect valuable equipment or a person who relies on it, these guards are a great investment. It offers a high level of protection and ensures long-lasting durability due to its advanced technology.

In addition, they are easy to install and maintain compared to other machine guards out there. So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective solution, SABIC LEXAN machine guards are the one for you.

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