Why Choose China Elevator? Exploring the Developments of China’s Elevator

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The Chinese elevator industry is an ever-growing, extremely important part of the global elevator industry. In fact, the market has been constantly evolving to the point where in 2021 alone it had a size of $49.76 billion. It’s actually expected that the market size might actually go over $60 billion until the end of 2027.

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This shows the promising venture this market really is, but also the great investment potential.

2023 Development of China’s Elevator Market

As we can see from the market data, the market itself is over $50 billion at this point, and it’s becoming more and more powerful. There are multiple businesses within the industry, and they shift positions when it comes to their importance very often. That’s because things like customer satisfaction, service level, product quality and R&D capacity tends to shift. Generally, you have 4 major echelons, which include Otis, Mitsubishi Elevator, Hitachi and Kone. With that in mind, there are a variety of other local businesses, along with foreign brands. The second echelon mostly consists of local companies which have weaker customer support. The third echelon also tends to feature local companies that come with a really good set of tools, expertise and a great momentum. But we also have a 4th echelon where medium sized and smaller companies are trying to compete as well.

The Chinese elevator industry is filled with manufacturers that are working very hard to innovate and bring in great products to the client base. Doing that is certainly not easy, but adding a multitude of solutions and features into the mix has certainly managed to diversify the process, while still implementing a vast array of different solutions. The first company that entered the industry was Guangzhou Guangri CO LTD, a company made in 1988. Needless to say, the industry has a lot of prowess and growth, and it continues to deliver an exceptional set of companies. If we look at the largest size according to registered capital, Shanghai Machinery and Electronics, but also Yuanda Intelligent have an RMB of over 1 billion.

If we see this from the product layout perspective, companies like Meilun Elevator, General Elevator, Canny Elevator have both deployed escalator and Elevator products. The industry is evolving, and companies are constantly adding automatic upgrades to their production line. Factor management upgrades are in order too, in order to keep up with the high demand and constantly increasing customer requirements. Another thing we need to consider when it comes to the Chinese elevator industry is the regional competition. The major companies are spread in Jiangsu, but also Zhejiang and Guangdong. Companies are evenly spread here, with each one bringing its fair share of expertise and solutions, while still delivering state of the art results. New technologies are implemented very quickly, with the local market being ever-evolving and it all adapts to deliver a tremendous experience and quality.

China’s top elevator recommendation

China has a large number of elevator companies, and they are only becoming larger and larger all the time. With that in mind, becoming a top 10 China elevator company is not easy. It has a lot of competition. In order to be a top China elevator company, you need great tech, and you have to pursue excellence constantly. But the results you can get within the industry are spectacular. Here are some top companies.


Delfar has been a top China elevator manufacturer for more than 16 years. What makes the company unique is the fact that it designs, but also creates elevators and parts as well. The company integrates some of the top manufacturing techniques. At the same time, they have the expertise to create custom elevators, according to the client requirements. Delfar is able to work on bed or observation elevators, passenger elevators, as well as car elevators, escalator, home, freight elevators and many others. The focus is always on product quality and value, while pushing the limits with state of the art results.


Otstec comes with over 20 years of experience as a top 10 China elevator company. They are an exceptional Chinese elevator company and they can easily create pretty much any type of elevator. Whether you want traction, commercial, home, observation, cargo, freight, panoramic or passenger elevators, Otstec can do all of that. The company has some of the best production lines in the industry, and they are ISO certified too. Otstec elevators are seen everywhere in the world, a testament to the prowess and exceptional production value brought by this company at a very high level.

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Kone is a vetted Chinese elevator company that has decades of experience in the field. They can help design and manufacture a huge range of elevators. They have CAD dragging systems, but also the ability to fully implement custom ideas to create great designs. The company is also the third largest elevator manufacturer in the world. In addition, they offer installation, along with manufacturing and any maintenance work and assistance as needed. That’s what makes their offer one which truly stands out and surpasses the market more than you might expect.

TK Elevator China

TK Elevator is yet another brand that focuses on a huge range of elevator styles. You can find their products in businesses, corporate locations, but also in homes as well. The company always starts with a solid design, and it constantly pushes the limits at a very high level. That helps eliminate concerns, while still offering an exceptional quality and a great experience. TK Elevator China is known for being a reputable elevator manufacturer with a lot of expertise, knowledge and great assistance for their clients.

Ningbo Hosting Elevator

The company started in 1993 and since then they started offering elevators to local businesses, but also residential clients. Like any other top 10 China elevator manufacturer you can find in this list, they stand out with their quality and customer support. They can offer a lot of bulk work, and they are constantly pushing the limits with outstanding, very professional products that you can rely on. In addition, they continually improve the market, while bringing in new and exceptional elevator types.

General Elevator

General Elevator is a newer company, they were established in 2003. It’s one of the leading companies in the industry, and they cover a multitude of elevator types. What’s interesting is they offer their products to over 40 countries all over the world. Each one of their elevators are very high quality, and they are a business that always listens to their clients and custom needs. They also have affordable elevators, and they can work on bulk requirements which is always a major plus.

Why choose China Elevators?

Finding a great elevator is very difficult these days since you need to know your requirements, while better understanding the challenges that can arise. There’s no denying that Chinese elevators can be second to none, extremely dependable and a pleasure to use. With that in mind, working with a top China elevator company has its fair share of benefits.


Hiring a top 10 China elevator manufacturer is a great idea if you want to have access to fast production times. Creating lots of elevators takes time, but Chinese elevator manufacturers have the expertise and manpower needed to deliver bulk elevators very fast. These can also be fully customized to fit your needs, which is even better. That’s why it’s a great idea to check it out for yourself and pick the right company.

Very good quality

Another great thing about Chinese elevator manufacturers is they offer consistency. You have a very good quality all the time, so you never have to worry about any issues. Which is great, because you can easily place a large order and know that the end result is very good no matter the situation.


Despite the fact that Chinese elevators are very dependable and high quality, they are also extremely affordable. Working with a top China elevator manufacturer guarantees that you always have access to the best elevators, while also not having to worry about high prices. Some companies offer discounts on bulk orders, so depending on the order size you might have an even sweeter deal.


Yes, if you want to have a custom elevator for your specific use case, a Chinese manufacturer can help you do that. Most of the top 10 China elevator companies offer custom services to fit your needs. And yes, that can help save quite a bit of time, while still bringing in a tremendous return on investment.

Repair parts

Aside from elevators, a top China elevator company also provides repair parts and even maintenance solutions in most cases. That’s important because you always want to ensure the elevator will run as needed. Thanks to Chinese manufacturers you get to have that, and it certainly offers a very good return on investment and really good value all the time.

Lowering energy costs

Many Chinese elevator manufacturers started to focus on things like lowering energy costs and being eco-friendly. While it’s still an industrial setting, this is the type of thing which helps the process, while bringing in a great way to protect the environment.

A variety of elevator types

A Chinese elevator manufacturer is able to help with almost any type of elevator. Yes, there are medical ones, passenger ones, but also freight or construction elevators. The huge array of different elevators that you can access is exceptional and it goes to show the great value you receive if you work with a Chinese company in the first place.

Great quality assurance

Every elevator made by a top China elevator company goes through hours and hours of testing. That’s why Chinese manufacturers are some of the best in the industry. They take quality very seriously, and they constantly push the boundaries to bring you the best of the best results all the time. Quality problems can arise when everything is rushed. But Chinese companies take time to ensure everything is made according to specifications, and you will be amazed with the quality and consistency all the time.

What problems should be paid attention to when choosing a Chinese elevator?

There are a variety of different things you can focus on when picking an elevator, and there can be adjacent problems related to that. Usually, the most common problems include:

  • The mechanical system can sometimes malfunction, which in turn will trigger an automatic stop. These issues can vary in complexity, sometimes you just need to replace a faulty part. Other times, it’s extremely difficult and you have to replace the entire system.
  • Power failures can lead to electrical system problems. The electrical system in elevators is usually very good and systematically sound. But even then, a power failure might not initiate any failsafe, which in turn might lead to sudden stops and other issues.
  • Malfunctioning doors can also be rather common. Even if the other systems work, doors can sometimes be faulty and that creates issues for the users. Which is why maintenance is necessary for these. Making sure that the doors are closing smoothly is extremely important here, and it will make a major difference.
  • Buttons and any electronic systems in place also need to be of concern. You never really know when these things can malfunction, so addressing that kind of situation will make a major difference.


As you can see, the Chinese elevator industry is constantly growing, and it’s surpassing major evaluation numbers. The industry itself is also very competitive, with a lot of knowledge and expertise, but also innovation and true focus on quality. There are a large number of businesses competing for the top spot, and they are constantly integrating the latest tech. At the same time, you want to know which are the top companies, how you can pick the right elevator, but also the type of concerns that you should have. In doing so, it becomes easier to choose a great, top China elevator company and ensure your needs are met at the right level!

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