Which Examsnap Lean Six Sigma Certification Is Ideal for You and Your Career?

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Lean Six Sigma is a method that focuses on the collaborative effort of the team to reduce variation and remove waste in a systematic manner to improve the general performance of the organization. It combines Lean Enterprise/Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma techniques to remove eight kinds of wastes: Defects, Waiting, Over-Production, Non-Utilized Talent, Extra-Processing, Inventory, Motion, and Waiting. Besides reducing process defects and waste, Lean Six Sigma also provides a framework for the overall organizational culture change.

Which Examsnap Lean Six Sigma Certification Is Ideal for You and Your Career

In order to successfully implement the Lean Six Sigma methodology, one must have a grasp of both https://www.certbolt.com/ Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing tools. Only individuals who have undergone Lean Six Sigma training can achieve this. To show that you possess this ability, you need to become a Lean Six Sigma certified expert.

The right certification for you

If you are considering a career in the manufacturing, technology, healthcare, pharmaceutical, or service industries, you should keep in mind that the prospective employers usually look for the examsnap.com Lean Six Sigma qualifications. Lean Six Sigma has 3 levels of certifications. These different levels are divided into belt colors, just like judo. The program starts with Yellow Belt and then progress to Green Belt and Black Belt. So, which is the right path for you?

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification is intended for those individuals who are new to the methodology and understand its basic concepts. As a rule, the candidates for this credential act as a part of the team that implements complex projects under the guidance of the Green or Black Belts. The Yellow Belt certificate allows the students to gain a deeper understanding of process optimization through an introduction to project management.

If you are an experienced team player who wants to improve process quality, the Green Belt certification is for you. The candidates should have proficiency in data inspection or project management. The Green Belt training teaches the individuals the basic tools used by a project team and introduces them into the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) approach.

If you are looking to offer the strategic Lean Six Sigma guidance for any organization, train and mentor the professionals of an organization, and consult on projects, then we recommend Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. The Examsnap Black Belts have a good comprehension of all aspects of the Lean Six Sigma method, including competence in DMAIC.

Every candidate aspiring to earn any Examsnap Lean Six Sigma certification is required to pass a written test, which is made of at least 100 multiple-choice questions. These exams are primarily offered by accredited bodies in English, but may also be translated into other languages. To be familiar with the content of these tests, the candidates are recommended to use exam dumps and practice tests available online during their preparation.


Whichever Lean Six Sigma certification level you desire to pursue – Yellow, Green of Black –you can start studying the path and take the necessary training courses to learn more about the principles of the particular credential. Begin with the level that fits your ambitions and become a certified expert in no time.

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