What Type of Roof Can Residential Roofers Install on Your Home?

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As one of the largest investments you can make in your home and its equity, your roof is typically only due for one or two replacements in the time frame in which you will own your home. However, when that time comes, it is important to know your replacement options. Residential roofing contractors have several options when replacing roofs, and they are detailed below. Due to its ease of availability, low cost, and versatility, asphalt shingles are the roofing material of choice for the majority of American households. Slate as well as clay tiles are the most long-lasting roofing options, although they are more expensive than other materials including metal or wood. The most expensive sorts of roofing options are tile and green roofs.

clay roof

One of the greatest and most profitable home improvements is replacing an outdated roof. Choose roofing material that is appropriate for your house, region, and budget. If you are constructing a new roof, be sure to use the best roofing contractors possible.

Asphalt Shingle

Composite asphalt shingles are used on about 90% of US homes because they are reasonably priced, long-lasting, and simple to install. Only $1.50 – $5.50 per square foot, or about $8,000, is spent on asphalt shingles for a roof installation. They have a 30-year lifespan and may be recycled to create pavement. Fiberglass, asphalt, and mineral composite are mixed by manufacturers to produce a range of hues, including gray, brown, red, green, and blue. But exposure to light will cause their hue to deteriorate over time. Whether you select architectural and three-tab shingles will affect the color and appearance of the shingles.


  • Affordable
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple to find.
  • Suitable for most climates
  • Has many different hues
  • Recyclable


  • Sun exposure causes the color to fade.
  • 3-tab design vulnerable to wind damage
  • Briefest lifespan

Three-Tab and architectural

Architectural roofing materials made of asphalt are individual, thicker than three-tab tiles that give your roof a layered, long-lasting texture. Architectural shingles cost extra because they need a lengthier installation process and better-quality material. However, they are more weather resistant and can endure 15 to 30 years. Asphalt shingles with three tabs are thinner and are cut to resemble three shingles. This facilitates a quicker installation process and yields a consistent, brick-like pattern. They typically endure 7 through 15 years and are vulnerable to strong winds. These are often the least expensive kinds of roofing.

A metal roof

Although it seems like a more contemporary option, metal roofs have been used since the 1800s. Due to the affordability, portability, minimal upkeep, and beauty of materials including aluminum and zinc, metal sheets as well as shingles are still a common choice today. Depending on the design and material, they can endure up to 80 years while costing between $6 and $14 per square foot. You can pick between shingles or sheets (also known as panels) that are joined together by a “standing seam.” The metal can also receive a sealant pretreatment. While there are many different colors for metal roofing, certain kinds may also be painted.


  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Mimics wood, slate, or asphalt
  • A range of hues
  • Lightweight
  • Recyclable


  • To minimize noise, effective soundproofing is required.
  • May bend or create ripples if installed incorrectly.
  • Specialist manpower is needed for both repair and installation.

metal roof

Shingles and Standing Seam

Installation of standing joint metal roofing requires attention to detail to prevent panel rippling and produce neat vertical lines. This type of metal sheet installation typically costs between $9 to $14 per square foot. Metal shingles can be made to seem like slate, asphalt, or wood that cost, on average, $1 to $3 less per square foot than a standing seam.

Timber Roofing

Craftsman-style homes, Tudor-style houses, and quaint Cape Cod cottages all go nicely together with timber roofing. Age, however, sometimes can turn them from sand color to silver. In dry areas, wood roofs can survive 50 years. Wood roofing is more easily damaged by water in humid regions like the East Coast. Because they all ward against insects, cedar, redwood, and pine are often used in construction materials. The most common option, cedar shake roofing, costs between five and seven dollars per square foot on average.


  • Outdoor appeal
  • Natural material


Shingles and Shakes

Wood roofing can be shaped in one of two ways:

Shakes are divided into wedges to give them a more organic, rough appearance. The cost of these is higher at around three dollars and fifty cents per unit and seven dollars to $13 for installation. To produce crisp lines, shingles are typically sawmilled into a consistent length, breadth, and thickness. These are often between $1 and $2 cheaper than shakes.

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