What to Consider When Looking for Skip Bins for Hire in Gold Coast

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Hiring the right skip bin company can be much more complicated than what you might think. They will be responsible for on-schedule garbage removal, excellent customer service, and making sure your waste goes to the right place for disposal.

What to Consider When Looking for Skip Bins for Hire in Gold Coast

If you are considering monthly skip bin hire or a once-off, then here is a list of things you have to consider before booking:


When you are residing in the Gold Coast, make sure that the waste removal company operates in your specific area. It will be much easier for you and them to stick to a schedule if there are other businesses or residents who use their services in the same location. This will also ensure that when problems arise, it will be dealt with in a timely manner so before booking, make sure that you find someone locally.

What Do You Want to Throw Out?

If you are considering a once-off skip bin hire for certain waste, then you have to make sure that the company is certified to remove or collect in your local area. There are certain kinds of waste that shouldn’t be placed in certain kinds of bins.

Here is a list of things that are not allowed in the skip:

  • Televisions
  • Computer monitors
  • Asbestos
  • Other electrical equipment like batteries, phones, etc.
  • Car tyres or wheels
  • Paint tins or spray cans with paint still inside
  • Plasterboards
  • Gas cylinders
  • Explosives
  • Diesel or petrol
  • Medical waste
  • Fridges and refrigerators
  • Fluorescent tubes

If you want to discard some of the items on the list, then it’s best to consult the waste management company for advice. The company you are considering must be aware of the kind of items you want to throw out so to ensure everyone’s safety.

Being environmentally friendly is just as important to you as it is to the skip bin service. You can do your part in learning about recycling and getting rid of waste in the right way. Learn more about recycling the right way here: https://eponline.com/articles/2007/11/12/tips-top-ten-ways-to-recycle.aspx

Bin Type and Size

Once you’ve sorted your waste in different categories, you’ll be able to determine what size and type bin you need. Categories are typically divided into general household, commercial building, green, and electrical waste. Whether you want to get rid of construction waste during a construction project, or a bunch of old computer monitors, you can consider hiring a big metal skip. It’s best to always assume that you’ll have more waste than expected.

What to Consider When Looking for Skip Bins for Hire in Gold Coast - litter

Also, you need to consider the weight of the waste. Most skip bins are made from durable steel and can hold between 250kg-750kg. Ranging from 1.8mx1.5m to 4mx1.5m. For big projects you can even consider hiring a 12-meter skip.

Residential or Commercial

Depending on whether you want to hire a skip bin service for commercial or residential waste removal, there are a few factors that will play a role. The skip bin company you hire must be aware of the different rules of the different areas. Trucks that will be carrying the bins should be able to have access to different residential areas. There are also neighborhood rules that will have an effect on where the bin can be placed. The waste management company should be able to advise you on where to place the skip, to avoid run-ins with authorities.

They should also be knowledgeable about discarding the kinds of commercial or residential waste to the correct allocated places. Read this for more information on where waste goes once it has been picked up. Residential skips will typically take general waste, furniture, household rubbish, garden rubbish, old electrical appliances, and wood or cardboard items. Commercial skips will typically remove heaps of documentation and files, old office furniture, and packaging.

Many skip hire companies also offer skips for property development and landscape work that will remove building waste and rubble. Do ask around for recommendations from friends and coworkers. If the company in question has a good online presence, great reviews, and excellent client feedback, then they are worth considering.

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    Thanks for mentioning that when renting a skip bin, it’s smart to assume you’ll need to throw away more than you think you will. My husband and I are trying to help his mom clean out her house because it is all very cluttered and disorganized. We’ll have to make sure to predict the size of skip bin we’ll need and then size up from there to make sure we can fit everything and won’t have to make a bunch of trips to the dump ourselves.

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