What Is Triple Glazing And Is It Worth It?

If you’re buying or renovating a property, there is a list of things you need to consider. From floor plans to features such as high ceilings or large garden space, what about the smaller details that are often overlooked, such as windows and doors? You might not have given them much thought just yet, but they can help add comfort to your home. Triple glazing is becoming more popular with homeowners and window fitters across Europe and is a great way to save on energy.

What Is Triple Glazing And Is It Worth It

When choosing features such as windows, it is good to know that there are emergency glaziers in London that can help you out whenever you need them. We’ll explore more about Triple Glazing below so you can weigh up the pros and cons.

What is Triple Glazing?

In simple terms, triple glazing contains three panes of glass within a sealed frame, as opposed to double glazing, which contains two. Between each pane of glass is a pocket of air that works as an insulator and can help to keep the heat in your home and can help to eradicate any outside noise.

Energy Efficiency

As triple glazed windows are made up of three panes of glass, the third being placed between the two outers, this helps to create two airlocks, which can help to improve energy performance in your home by approximately 50% more than double glazing. There are a few different things can that affect the efficiency of your triple glazed windows such as the type of gas or air used in these airlocks and what kind of coating the window has. Highly rated airtight frames can also help with efficiency.

Noise Reduction

Triple glazing can provide additional protection from outside noise, more so than double glazed windows. Triple glazed windows could be a great solution for you if you’re situated on a busy road or a particularly noisy residential area.

What Is Triple Glazing And Is It Worth It - triple glazed windows explained


You could insulate your whole house including the roof and walls but if you overlook the windows, the warm air that you’re trying to trap will escape through them and cause cold spots throughout the property. By matching your windows to the insulation in the rest of your house, you can create a warm feeling inside your home and will also help you to avoid condensation.

How Much Do They Cost?

Triple glazed windows do tend to cost more than double glazed windows, as you would expect. These windows help when it comes to saving on energy but unfortunately, it is not the case that you will see a complete payback in what you spend on your windows with the money you save on energy.

Are They Worth It?

Whether or not triple glazing is worth it continues to divide opinions and is ultimately down to personal judgment. Some say it is only necessary for countries with cold climates, but if you’re keen on saving energy, they could be a great addition.

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