Top Five Welding Tips That Can Help To Improve Your Welding Skills

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Welding is a form of art that deals with transforming simple, random pieces of metal into a beautiful masterpiece. It’s more like a puzzle but involves a lot of physical contact. Whether you are welding for fun or is your full-time job, learning a few tips may help to improve your skills and the result of your work.

Top Five Welding Tips That Can Help To Improve Your Welding Skills

The following are some welding tips that will help to transform your welding skills in a short time.

Always Clean the Surface

The majority of welders ignore this step, and it has proven to be problematic to their weld. Porosity has been proven to be the main obstacle. Welding on an oily, dirty, and painted surface is not advisable. Make sure you clean the surface thoroughly before welding.

Pay Attention to the Welder

Your welder can give you signs when something is not okay. A hissing sound is an indicator that the voltage may be higher than needed. A raspy sound is a sign that the voltage is too low. If your welder crackles like a machine gun, it means that the amperage setting is too high.

Regulate the Temperature of your Welder

If you work for longer hours, make sure you check the temperature of your welder more often. Overheating may lead to damages and may even cause bodily harm when you come in contact with it. A welding cooler is a must for anyone who welds over a long time. Water cooled welding chillers (North Slope Chillers have great ones) ensure that your equipment operates at peak performance. They also increase the quality of your welds due to lower thermal stress. Win-win.

Top Five Welding Tips That Can Help To Improve Your Welding Skills - welding helmet

Invest in a Better Ground Clamp

More often, your welder may sound like an old motorcycle, which is not pleasant to the ear. Some people have been known to throw away their welders because of this issue. However, they fail to realize that a bad ground causes the problem. Modern claps are not ideal as they are plated steel that has small contents of copper at the jaw. You should invest in the older models as they were made of copper. If you cannot find them in your store, try using a piece of copper as your ground.

Get an Auto-Darkening Helmet

Constant movement when you are welding can have a devastating effect on your project. As opposed to nodding your helmet whenever you are welding, why not invest in an auto darkening helmet? The helmet also gives you a clear view of the wire before pulling the trigger. People who have used these helmets have witnessed some changes in their projects. Excess nodding may cause strain on your neck, which is not shared with the auto darkening helmets.

Constant learning about welding can help you to improve your art and skills. Being familiar with welding tips will help you complete your welding project fast and efficiently. Your methods might be working for you, but trying something new may provide you with better results. You can implement the tips mentioned in this article today and witness the changes in your welding project.

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