Many people spend their days and even years practising interior design. However, we homeowners like to believe we’re experts right from the get-go. But, is your home design really on the level you think it is? You see, the home design doesn’t end with painting the walls blue and white. It goes beyond the addition of home plants and wallpapers. What you need to add that finishing touch is weatherboard cladding. Now, in the UK, the concept of cladding is nothing new. Different types exist to meet different functional and style needs. But, to truly enjoy cladding at its finest, you need to adopt weatherboard cladding. And luckily, the level of creativity you can reach depends only on your imagination.

weatherboard cladding

But before we let your imagination run circles, here are 5 Creative ways to use weatherboard cladding in your home design.

Top 5 Weatherboard Cladding Ideas For Your Home Design

  1. Aluminium

The obvious reasons to consider aluminium weatherboards are their cost efficiency, lightweight, and weather resistance. Therefore, beyond the aesthetics, you’re getting a durable weatherboard at a good price. Now to the visual part. This weatherboard can be produced in several forms. Essentially, they can be made to look like stone or timber. A great touch to add to your home scenery. Aluminium weatherboards are also made in varying styles, colours, and finishes. This gives your mind more room to explore.

  1. Fibre Cement

Are you looking for a more durable weatherboard? Perhaps you’re more interested in a cladding to last for years. Well, how about fibre cement? Why fibre cement? For starters, this material comes produced in the form of planks or sheets, offering more dynamism to your home design. Asides from its versatility, fibre cement weatherboards pack a fire-resistant material. And these materials can be applied to just about any home surface.

  1. Vinyl Weatherboard

What happens when you take the most versatile plastic there is, infuse a contemporary design, and finish it up with a sleek, modern look? You get the vinyl weatherboard. It doesn’t matter the surface (rough, smooth, brick surface, fibro, and whatnot) or place (kitchen, living room, bathroom, outside bar), this vinyl weatherboard is a good fit for anywhere.

PVC cladding

Also, with cheaper pricing and better versatility, vinyl weatherboard makes a case for a formidable choice.

  1. Rusticated Weatherboard

Need to switch things up? Then how about a weatherboard that’s distinct and has a water-channeling shape? Secondly, you can find these weatherboards in different materials – from cement to timber. And in case you’re wondering, they’re also as durable as their counterparts.

  1. Timber

We conclude our list with a popular home design weatherboard in the UK. You see the fun part about timber weatherboard is that it can be applied in two forms – softwood and hardwood. On the surface level, both types of wood offer an eco-friendly, flexible home design option. On the one hand, you get better thermal conductivity with softwood for all those marshmallow nights when you want to kick back and cosy up. On the other hand, hardwood weatherboards offer durability, fire resistance, and lower maintenance. Despite variations, timber weatherboards are great options for adding a more natural look to your home scenery.


There’s no specific weatherboard every household must own. However, the lists above will help give an insight into the type of weatherboards you need to boost your home’s appeal. So, what weatherboard cladding are you giving your home design today?