4 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom

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We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, from relaxing, to sleeping, to getting ready in the morning, or just watching tv or listening to music. For many, our bedrooms are our sanctuaries, whether we share a tight apartment with roommates or own a giant piece of Halton real estate.

4 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom

Here are four easy ways to upgrade your bedroom if it’s feeling a little lackluster.

Pillows and Bedding

The fastest and easiest way to upgrade your bedroom is with new bedding or pillows. Try adding throw pillows, big, small, cozy, colorful, whatever your taste, it will add interest to your bed and more comfort for lounging. You can also upgrade the pillows you sleep on by splurging on some great down feather or memory foam pillows. If you want to really change up your bed, opt for a new set of sheets and comforter. If you already have a cozy comforter, try a duvet cover that you can remove and wash easily. Contrasting patterns are in right now, so you can have a striped sheet with a floral or printed comforter to add interest and fun to your room. For a really big change to your bed, try a new frame. Whether it be wood or a vintage iron frame, or poster, this will change the whole feel of your room.

Add a Vanity or Seating Area

If you have the space, adding some new furniture to your room can give it new life. Instead of getting ready in your bathroom, where you may need to share space with housemates, give your room a luxurious boudoir feel by adding a vanity, bench, and mirror. You can buy new or thrift something inexpensive and upcycle it with some new paint and hardware. Perhaps you like to read; adding a book nook with a seating area will create your own personal space for relaxing. Get a small bookcase or some shelves and a nice comfy armchair with a drink table. You can cozy up with some tea or coffee and your favorite novel and enjoy some peace and quiet in the comfort of your room.

4 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom - seating area

Upgrade your Closet

If you have the space and the budget, building a walk-in closet is any homeowners dream. However, if you’re not looking to splurge on such a renovation, you can opt for smaller upgrades. Perhaps add some shelving or new bars for hanging or hooks. Maximize the space you already have. If you don’t have a closet, you can convert a wall or corner of a room by adding a bar for hanging and some curtains to close off the space.

Add Lighting

Lighting can make a huge difference in any space, especially soft lighting. Adding desk or floor lamps is a great way to give ambience to a room instead of overhead task lighting. If you really want to add some style to your bedroom, go for a chandelier. Not only are they beautiful, but they are way more interesting than your basic dome light and can make your room feel like a cute bed and breakfast getaway. Another way to add warmth to your room is by using twinkle lights. They add a soft glow to any bedroom and can be intertwined on a bed frame or hung from the walls.

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