Signs You Need Water Heater Repair Services – Tips From Experts in Oakland California

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Your house is probably filled with various types of electrical appliances. However, it is generally seen that people tend to ignore their appliances when it is time to repair them or go for their periodic maintenance. Similar is the case with your hot water heater. You normally see that people tend to ignore the need to repair their water heaters until they get nothing but cold water from their taps.

However, things need not go that far if you are alert enough to the indications from your water heater as to when it may fail to work properly.

5 Vital Signs That You Need to Repair Your Water Heater

Just like everything else, water heaters also give signs when it is time to repair them. If you ignore these signs, things can easily get out of control and you may have to go for a new unit altogether. Here are 5 vital signs that tell you the right time to repair your water heater.

Not a Steady Water Temperature

When you do not get any hot water from your taps, it is very simple to understand that your water heater is not functioning properly. However, even if you notice that the temperature of the water is not steady or you experience fluctuating water temperature, it is a clear indication that something is wrong with your water heater. You may either have to repair or replace the heating element.

Low Pressure of Hot Water

Mineral deposits around the heating element of the water heater can do more than simply reduce the efficiency of the element. They can easily block the pipes, which will automatically reduce the water pressure coming out of the tap. Other factors such as poor design or kinked distribution lines may also cause reduce water pressure.

Water Leakage

When water starts leaking from your water heater, it is very simple to understand that it is time for a repair. However, it is important that you visually inspect the water heater for the root cause of the water leakage.

Metallic Tasting Water

It may so happen that the water coming out from your water heater has a metallic taste which is also visible. This may be due to corrosion somewhere along the water lines. If you notice that both the cold and hot water are rusty, it may mean that there is a corrosion along the water pipes. At the same time, if just the hot water is rusty then the problem lies inside your water heater. It will be a good idea to seek professional help as soon as possible.

Strange Sounds

A little bit of noise from water heaters is a natural thing. However, if the noise is pretty loud in the form of popping, cracking or banging noises, then better find a repairman as quickly as possible. It may so happen that mineral deposits inside the heater may overheat the heater while it works to make the water going inside warm.


If you noticed any of the above signs you should call water heater repair services as soon as possible. This guide is brought to you from Hassler, the best water heater repair service in Oakland.

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