When you want a pump you need to consider carefully what you want the pump to do. After all, there’s a big difference between a pump that creates air in your fish tank and one you rely on to deliver water to your home.

What is a Water Booster Pump

Pulps that move water around are generally referred to as dewatering pumps, but this description covers an array of options, the water booster pump is just one of them.

What Is A Water Booster Pump?

In simple terms, the water booster pump simply increases the pressure of the water. This can be useful if you have low water pressure and need more. It can also be essential if you’re sucking water out of a well or borehole but don’t have enough pressure at the taps. In fact, a water booster pump can also be used to reduce the pressure of the water in your home, but that’s not normally what these types of pumps are purchased for, a pressure regulator will do that job.

How The Water Booster Pump Works

A conventional domestic water booster pump actually has two chambers or compartments. The first is the expansion tank, the second is the pump mechanism. The expansion tank is lined with a bladder. When the pump is turned on the water is sucked into the tank, flattening the bladder and forcing the air in the tank to mix with the water. This pressurizes it. The water can then exit through the pumping mechanism at a higher pressure. You can usually regulate the exact pressure of the water output by adjusting the switch at the pump.

What is a Water Booster Pump - pump with tank

That’s it! But, it’s worth noting that you can get manual pumps and automatic pumps. An automatic one will sense when the water in the tank is low and switch onto suck in more and keep the water pressurized. In contrast, a manual pump will only boost the pressure when you turn it on. Both have their place, it will be up to you and your contractor to decide which is best for your needs.

Why get A Water Booster Pump

The simple answer is because you don’t have enough water pressure at your faucet. In practice, any appliance that receives water at less than 50psi is in need of a water booster pump. Of course, the low pressure may not bother you and it is not obligatory to increase it. However, it is important for you to check your local planning regs before you decide to add a water booster pump. While it shouldn’t be an issue there are some areas that require permission to ensure water is not being wasted.

When Installing

It’s best to use a professional when installing the water booster pump. This will ensure that they are on hand to deal with any issues raised by the increased pressure in the system. While it shouldn’t cause the pipes or joints to burst, it is a possibility. Having a contractor on hand will ensure any issue is resolved quickly.