Best Wall Paneling Solutions Ireland

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Wall paneling has a long history of ups and downs. It is popular from very older times. But nowadays the wall paneling ideas have been changed and the wall paneling adds beauty to the room that’s why this is liked by all. Wall paneling can be done on a house’s skeleton surfaces where the plaster hasn’t covered yet.

Best Wall Paneling Solutions Ireland

But wall paneling would protect the wall and make stylish design.

What is Wall paneling?

Usually the wall paneling is called wainscoting, style paneling or wainscoting paneling. Wall paneling is installing materials on walls to bear design or for insulation or to cover the wall. Wall paneling has so many purposes and types.

Types of wall paneling

Wall paneling has a long history of modification from the century of 17th. Through the time the types of paneling has updated a lot. So as a result there are so many alternatives into the market. I am describing them:


Wooden wall paneling is the oldest type of wall paneling and the most popular one also. The positivity of wooden wall paneling is it brings natural beauty to your rooms. The wooden wall paneling has a little maintenance cost and durable to use. This is so eco-friendly paneling. Into this type of paneling you may modify your design by horizontal stripe or vertical stripe which one is chosen by you. Floor, wall and ceiling can be done with wall paneling. Modern wood paneling can add a 3D effect to your home.


Beadboard wall paneling is one of the newest designs to use. The raw raw material of this paneling is MDF. MDF is made by compressing dry wood shavings. SO they are hard enough and durable to use. Beadboards are dry compressed at the expected size and shape then they join the edge to fulfill the design. Beadboard wall paneling bears a royal view to home and they are cheap to do.


Wainscot are also made of wood shavings. But the main difference between the beadboard and wainscot is the wainscot has curved design on its body. It also requires some synthetic materials to use to last the curved design longer.As the paneling bears curved design so it’s a costly method to cover all the house. So people usually use this type of paneling at the base of the wall To bring lower beauty with design.

Board and batten

Board and batten is also a modern paneling idea. Into this method 8 to 10 inch wide slides vertically added to the wall and the raw material is plywood. After installing one board then it needs to make a joint with a batten. So the procedure is named as board and batten. This type of paneling is suitable for walls. Board and batten paneling can be noticed at formal rooms, offices and on drawing rooms. This is so popular for its strength and durability.

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Tips for the beginning

If you are interested in installing a wall paneling but can’t understand what to do first then do not worry. Try to find a carpenter or DIY maker from your local area. Then discuss the whole matter with him that what kind of wall paneling would mostly suit you. After taking suggestions from them you may contact a home center or lumberyard to buy the raw materials for your wall paneling. Either your DIY professional might handle the issue if you want him to do this. That’s All, just wait and see the preparation and installation process.

Tips For durability of wall paneling

As I have been using wall paneling for a decade, I am sharing my personal wall paneling opinions to make it more durable.

  • Firstly keep the dust clean away from the upper surface of the panel.
  • Make a weekly check to clean the rust, dust and other diets.
  • Make a monthly check to the joints of the panels if any of them is weakening over time.

Final Words

Wall paneling is a fantastic idea to decor your home at a cheap rate. A suitable wall paneling might change the look of the room. There are many types available. Don’t go for taking a taste of everything. Just choose the most suitable one and have a talk with the professionals before installing them. It would save your money and time and also make the paneling more durable.

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