Vinyl Record Display and Storage: DIY Solutions for Collectors

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The resurgence of vinyl records has not only rekindled a love for analog music but also brought forth the challenge of displaying and storing these beloved discs. For collectors, each vinyl is a piece of art, deserving of a special spot.

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Dive into these DIY solutions from Robert Halvari vinyl record professional at to give your vinyl collection the showcase it deserves.

Floating Vinyl Shelves

Materials: Wooden planks, L-brackets, screws, and wall anchors.

How-to: Measure and cut the wooden planks to your desired length. Secure the L-brackets to the wall using wall anchors. Place the wooden plank on the brackets and screw them in place.

Benefits: This method allows you to display the album covers, turning your wall into a dynamic art piece.

Vinyl Record Crate

Materials: Wooden slats, nails, hammer, and paint or wood stain.


Construct a box using the wooden slats, ensuring the dimensions fit vinyl records. Paint or stain for added aesthetics.

Benefits: Portable and perfect for categorizing and storing records that aren’t on display.

Record Display Ledge

Materials: Picture ledges, wall screws, and wall anchors.


Simply secure the picture ledges to your wall. Display your vinyl records with the cover facing outwards.

Benefits: Easily swap out records to refresh the look of your room.

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Vinyl Record Frame

Materials: Picture frames (12×12 inch size), mat board, and a craft knife.


Remove the glass from the picture frame. Cut the mat board to fit the frame, ensuring the opening showcases the album art. Place the vinyl record behind the mat board and secure it in the frame.

Benefits: Highlight special or signed albums, turning them into wall art.

Pull-Out Record Bin

Materials: Plywood, screws, drawer slides, and paint.


Construct a bin from plywood that fits multiple records. Attach drawer slides to the sides. Install the bin in a shelving unit or custom cabinet.

Benefits: Easy access to your collection while keeping them protected from dust.

Stackable Record Cubes

Materials: Wooden cubes or modular shelving, wood glue, and paint.


Assemble the cubes or modular shelving. Stack them in your desired configuration. Secure them with wood glue for added stability.

Benefits: Customize your storage solution as your collection grows.


Vinyl records are more than just music carriers; they’re pieces of history, art, and personal memories. These DIY solutions not only provide practical storage but also turn your collection into a focal point of your living space. Whether you’re a casual listener or a die-hard collector, these projects cater to every need, ensuring your vinyl records are both accessible and aesthetically displayed.

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