Vinyl Cladding – What is it and how can it help with my project?

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A flexible and reliable solution to a number of handy needs, vinyl cladding offers reliable protection at a flexible price-point. However, with so many options available on the market it can be difficult to know when you choose cladding as a preferred solution and make sure that it’s the right fit for the job.

Vinyl Cladding – What is it and how can it help with my project

So, what exactly is vinyl cladding and what are the potential advantages of using it in your work??

What is vinyl cladding?

Created to work as a surface coating for a structure or object, cladding allows for an additional layer of protection and allows for customised look for your project. Highly flexible, there are a wide range of cladding options available for your fits and builds. These include metal options including aluminium and steel, PVC options and more. But when it comes to breadth of choice, vinyl cladding process to be exceptionally versatile and popular.

Most often made from PVC combinate, vinyl is applied to a number of exterior projects as an additional protective coating against weather and damage. Offering a degree of customisation that other cladding options can’t reach, PVC allows you to mimic favoured styles and aesthetics without compromising on quality. This makes it helpful for a number of standardised and unique builds without having to worry about compromise.

What are the benefits?

In addition to the above, Vinyl carries a number of key benefits. These include, but are not limited to-

Low-Cost: Due to reduced manufacturing requirements, vinyl cladding is often competitively priced – especially when compared to other ‘heavy duty’ options. Taking the time to determine what solution fits the bill and is cost effective can help you whittle other options away and leave PVC as a fully validated choice. 

Vinyl Cladding – amazing vinyl cladding 

Reduced Maintenance: While vinyl is not entirely maintenance free, it is exceptionally hard wearing and will require minimal intervention when compared to other cladding products. Warping and cracking is non-existent, and the lack of layering and coating reduces the extent of any light or weathering damage.

Green and Keen: Vinyl has risen in popularity due to its exceptionally sustainable nature, with most products being fully recyclable and energy efficient to produce. Its capacity to act as an additional layer of insulation allows it to bring extra benefit to homes and properties – letting you bring down heating costs and reduce additional heat and energy expenditure.

Do I need additional help?

In addition to its key benefits, vinyl cladding is known to be quick and simple to install, provided that you know what you are doing and have the specialist tools required to work and secure the material. This makes it a popular option for many professional providers who can work to maximise their returns and lower costs for customers.

This allows it to be used by those who are relatively savvy DIYers and pros alike. However, if you are unsure about your vinyl cladding, getting in touch with a reliable provider can let you secure and time and cost estimate – allowing you to make the right choice about how to proceed with the material or if another solution is right for your space. 

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