Vacation Blues – 5 Projects to Keep You Busy Over the Holiday Period

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While we all look forward to the holiday season, it’s often not long until boredom rears its head. After all, once Santa visits, the hype of the festive season dies down, and you have far more free time on your hands than expected. Even though you’ve been looking forward to the holiday season since the last one ended, there’s only so much TV you can watch and turkey you can eat. Therefore, we’ve compiled five ideas for projects to keep idle hands busy!

Vacation blues

Giving your vehicles some TLC

After 12 months of commuting, it’s all too easy to neglect your family vehicles. Now is your prime opportunity to spend a bit of time changing oil, filters, and sorting all warrantable issues. It’s also an excellent time to get your off-road vehicle ready for four-wheel-driving ventures in the months to come. Invest in quality LED driving lights, ensure tires are up to scratch and make sure all the gear you need for a trip is ready to go. There’s nothing better than being organized ahead of time!

Starting a vegetable garden

As you check out your grocery bill and note the exorbitant prices you’re paying for carrots, your vacation time might be well spent putting those veggie garden plans into action. Starting a garden is easy! Once you’ve established what vegetables the entire family will enjoy and what the kids will grizzle the least about, you can set about digging up a patch of land and getting started! Just remember to do plenty of research as not all vegetables will be suitable for growth in your area.

Deep cleaning

When you’re busy throughout the year, it’s easy to turn a blind eye to the family of spiders living in the curtain rails around your home. After all, you’ve got more pressing issues to attend to, and the spiders aren’t hurting anyone, right? What about the half-inch layer of dust on top of the bookcase, or the paw marks on the glass door that have been there for months? While cleaning is no one’s favorite task and hiring a cleaner has become a valid option, a break over the holiday season means there are no more excuses left. It’s time to evict the spiders and give your home the spruce up it deserves.


Throughout the year, work commitments can mean your property doesn’t get the love it deserves. There’s no time like the present to change that, as you’ll now have plenty of spare hours on your hands. Get that peeling fence painted tended to, nail down the rickety mailbox, and build that treehouse the kids have wanted for the last six months. You also won’t be the only one dabbling in a little DIY, with the DIY market expected to grow by over $70 billion in just four years. As such, you’re most likely able to benefit from discounts and huge sales at your local hardware store!

Preparing the year ahead

With the year at an end, it’s important to set time aside, between napping and eating fruit cake, to reflect on the year gone by, and the year ahead. Write a list of goals you would like to achieve, things you will change about yourself, and things you’ll change about your situation. As the year goes on, refer back to your list and see how far you’ve come.

It’s nice to take a break at the end of the year, but don’t spend all day watching TV. Get productive and find a project that will give you a sense of achievement. There’s nothing better than watching something come to fruition out of pure hard work.

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