Some Brilliant Uses of Plexiglass in Home Interior & How to Clean Plexiglass

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Modern-day homeowners & design enthusiasts crave for such design elements that augment the aesthetics of the space without compromising on strength & durability. A unique lustrous appeal & translucency are two of the most-admired aesthetic qualities in the world of interior design which can be found in glass. Plexiglass is a contemporary alternative to glass which provides a unique blend of aesthetic brilliance & high-end design versatility. The lightweight & trendy sheets are not only renowned for their enhanced beauty but are also popular for their incredible shatter-resistance properties.

Some Brilliant Uses of Plexiglass in Home Interior & How to Clean Plexiglass

There are numerous inventive applications of acrylic glass in commercial & residential settings and its incredible design versatility vividly promotes design creativity. These sheets seamlessly replace the glass and provide a high degree of durability & enhance the aesthetic beauty. Here is a list of some brilliant uses of plexiglass in modern-day home interior.

  1. Plexiglass Kitchen Backsplash

Ideal material for home improvement & upgrade, these acrylic sheets are perfect for replacing the conventional backsplash glass which is prone to grouting. Providing the same level of aesthetic brilliance, these new sheets are more durable, more sanitary, and easier to clean. A traditionalistic backsplash does certainly contribute to the augmentation of beauty but requires frequent maintenance and cleaning. Eliminating such concerns, these modernistic sheets are a waterproof solution for upgrading the kitchen space.

  1. Contemporary Glass Cabinets

The use of cheap plexiglass sheets is a great way to reinvigorate life into the outdated glass cabinets. These sheets can perfectly replace the brittle cabinet glass which shatters & breaks frequently. The high-end durability of these sheets is accompanied by a variety of finishes & color options that help these sheets coherently adjust in any given interior design setting. This simple improvement idea can help homeowners save thousands of dollars without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

  1. Glass Wall Shelves

Glass shelves are an aesthetically-pleasing element of the interior space and are designed to augment accessibility. The conventional glass shelves are brittle and tend to break down frequently. Plexiglass serves as a perfect glass replacement which is more durable and successfully withstands the test of time. Besides this, it is lightweight and easier to install as compared to traditional glass and is an economically better option as it doesn’t require frequent replacement.

  1. Window Replacement Glass

Modern-day lovers of trendy design prefer contemporary materials such as plexiglass panels which provide a long-term and durable solution to various design concerns. These sheets can be effectively used in place of window glass as they can withstand weather effects and provides the same level of natural light transmission. These sheets are highly customizable and perfectly adaptable to the ever-evolving needs of the design enthusiasts.

  1. Home Furniture

Plexiglass tabletops, coffee tables, and several décor elements of interior space are now designed with contemporary acrylic glass which greatly reduces the overall maintenance cost. These sheets perfectly adapt to the minimalistic design needs of today’s homeowners who have a distaste for solid and heavy design. Lightweight and durable, these sheets enable easy rearrangement and relocation of furniture in an interior space and results in more accessibility.

Best Ways to Clean Plexiglass

Maintenance has always been the most important concern of homeowners who prefers translucent and lucid glass. Cleaning traditional glass has always been a challenging chore which can be made simple with the use of modernistic replacement of glass. Strong & resilient plexiglass requires delicate and soft cleaning. With the right set of cleaning tools and proper knowledge of cleaning methods, cleaning these contemporary sheets become remarkably easy and simple.

Some Brilliant Uses of Plexiglass in Home Interior & How to Clean Plexiglass - cleaning

There are numerous options for cleaning contemporary glass sheets and there are several different home products that can make great cleaners. These sheets don’t require deep cleaning regularly and frequent removal of dust particles is all one needs to maintain the lustrous appeal of plexiglass panels

Art of Removing Dust Particles

Tiny particles of dust and dirt can cause great harm to the aesthetics of contemporary sheets. Rubbing of dust particles across the surface of sheets could leave permanent scratches and scores. Removing such particles is pretty simple but requires delicate handling and the use of proper cleaning tools. Directly wiping away, the dust or dirt is not a wise option as these sheets tend to scratch easily.

Hence, it is very important for homeowners to know the importance of removing dust particles and also the right technique of cleaning them. In a way, the cleaning of acrylic windows and sheets is an art form that requires delicacy and proper use of materials. These sheets only require light cleaning and discourage the use of expensive cleaners. Simple materials and the right cleaning technique is all one needs to perfectly clean these contemporary sheets.

How to Remove Dust & Dirt from the Plexiglass?

Removing dust & dirt fragments from the acrylic glass requires the use of microfiber cloth, clean water spray, and non-abrasive cleaner. Exterior elements of the design space such as window panels tend to collect dust & dirt frequently. Following is a simple step-by-step guide for cleaning dust from the contemporary glass sheets. 

  • Step # 1 – Blowing Away the Dust

Before beginning the cleaning process, it is essential to blow away the dust & dirt particles from the surface. Canned air is most commonly used for removing dust particles efficiently from the surface of the sheet. Another simple way to get rid of dust or dirt particles is through the use of water. Dripping water onto the surface of the sheets catch the dirt particles which can be easily floated off the surface. A microfiber cloth is perfect for drying out the surface and remove the floating water carrying dust particles.

  • Step # 2 – Clear Water Cleaning

For more thorough cleaning of residual dust particles, one can spray the glass with a hint of clear water which requires to be soaked off with the help of microfiber cloth. It is important to remember wiping the plexiglass sheets is never a good option and leaves scratches & scrapes on the surface of the sheet. Repeating the process of water cleaning & soaking is a simple and effective way to remove stubborn dust & dirt particles.

  • Step # 3 – Use Non-Abrasive Cleaners

The first two steps successfully remove dust particles from the surface of the contemporary sheets. However, some dirt stains are stubborn and require the use of a cleaning agent made from non-abrasive cleaners. Equal parts cleaner & water makes up a great simple cleaning solution for plexiglass sheet. Baby shampoo and castile soap makeup good non-abrasive cleaners ideal for deep dirt cleaning purposes.

  • Step # 4 – Microfiber Cloth Drying

Blotting the surface dry after cleaning is an important aspect as wet surface catches dirt & dust particles from the air. Microfiber cloths are used for drying off the surface and only gentle cleaning is needed. The use of a paper towel is common in cleaning traditional glass and is not an effective cleaning option for the contemporary clear acrylic sheets. Paper towels fail to remove the scratches from the surface and may even cause new ones.

Deep Cleaning Plexiglass with Water & Dish Soap

Deep cleansing the contemporary glass sheets require a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap. Market cleaners such as aerosol cleaners & acetone cleaners need to be avoided as it severely harms the surface of the sheets. These sheets require gentle cleaning and must not be exposed to hard & abrasive chemicals. A simple combination of mild soap and warm waters work the best for deep cleaning stains & marks off the clear plexiglass sheets. Following is a simple step-by-step guide for cleaning acrylic glass with the soap-water mixture.

  • Step # 1 – Prepare Mild Soap & Warm Water Solution

Preparing the perfect cleaning agent for the glass sheets requires a mixing of 1 teaspoon dish soap with 950 ml or 0.95 liters of warm water. The solution can be gently sprinkled across the surface with the help of a spray bottle. The gentle trickling of the solution across the surface of the glass also takes off the residual dust & dirt particles along with it.

  • Step – 2 – Clean the Surface with Microfiber Cloth

Surface scratches are a common concern in these modernistic sheets and spoil the unique aesthetic appeal of the design element. Hence, these sheets are only wiped and blotted with a microfiber cloth, jersey cloth, or any other non-abrasive cloth which doesn’t graze the surface. Besides this, these sheets only require gentle cleaning to wipe off the surface and must never be rubbed or wiped with force.

  • Step – 3 – Repeat the First Two Steps

Some stains and grime usually still exist after the cleansing of the acrylic sheets and solution must be sprinkled again on such areas and wiped down with a non-abrasive cloth. As the dish soap and water mixture is harmless, it is recommended to repeatedly spray till cleaned instead of wiping or rubbing the surface.

  • Step – 4 – Polish the Sheets with Warm Water & White Vinegar Solution

The first three steps successfully remove the big pieces of grease, grime, and dirt from the surface of the sheet. For further cleaning & polishing, a solution of hot water & white vinegar is preferred. It is essential to always use warm or hot water below boiling temperature as it naturally removes stains without the need for excessive wiping.

A water-vinegar solution is prepared with a ratio of 1 cup vinegar per 1 gallon of water. A soft sponge is used for polishing the clear acrylic sheets. The best polishing technique is to start from the top and move downward cleaning the surface side-to-side. Only gentle sliding of the sponge is needed to augment the lustrous beauty & shine of the contemporary glass sheets.

Some Other Popular Ways of Cleaning Acrylic Glass

  • Removing Hard Water Stains with Lemon

Rubbing cloth across the plexiglass sheet is never a good option. However, rubbing lemon over the hard water stains is a great option. Hard water stains can be pretty stubborn and hard to remove with normal cleaning methods. Rubbing a sliced lemon over the stains and letting it fight off the stains is an effective way of removing such stains. Afterward, rinse the surface with clear water and blot it with a microfiber cloth.

  • A mixture of Baking Soda, Dish Soap, and Water

Some stubborn and hard stains such as hair color stain require a special cleaning agent that can be prepared at home with household materials. The simple inclusion of baking soda in water and dish soap solution makes it more lethal for such rigid stains. This common solution is widely used for rejuvenating the lustrous appeal of contemporary sheets surface without leaving traces of grazes or scratches.

  • Branded & Proprietary Acrylic Cleaning Products

A non-abrasive acrylic cleaner such as Novus No. 1 & Brillianize is also an acceptable option for the cleaning agent. The non-abrasive nature of the product prevents scratches and helps restore the lustrous aesthetic appeal of modernistic sheets.

Additional Tips & Advice

There are numerous effective plexiglass cleaning solutions that can be prepared in households and are easily available in the marketplace. Above all else, the three A’s of cleaners should be avoided at all costs. These include cleaning agents with Aromatics, Abrasives, and Ammonia. These hard chemicals severely harm the lustrous appeal of the contemporary sheets and should never be used.

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