When Do You Urgently Need a Plumber?

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It’s fairly easy to do some minor plumbing repairs in and around the house yourself, but how do you know when the job is too much for you, and you urgently need a plumber? In some cases, it’s not worth your while to attempt certain repairs on your own and end up causing more damage that will be more expensive to repair. In general, it’s easier to call a plumber if you are struggling to diagnose or fix the problem yourself. 

When Do You Urgently Need a Plumber

Here are seven situations when you will likely need the professional help of a plumber. 

No Water in Your House

If you turn the tap, and nothing comes out, you potentially have a major problem. Make sure you check all the water outlets in your house, including the cold and hot supply lines. If it’s a problem with the water heater, you should still have cold water (source: callthegeneral.com). No water could be a sign of a major leak, frozen pipes, or a problem with the water main. A significant leak could damage the foundation of your house and lead to a massive water bill. Even small leaks can increase your water bill, so this is a job for an expert. 

Low or No Water Pressure

If you have low or no water pressure, you could have a clog in your aerator. Don’t attempt to fix this problem yourself, as you might only make it worse. If you notice the pressure dropping, it could also mean there’s a leak inside the house or around the foundation. You will need a thorough inspection to locate and identify the problem, as this could even be affecting other homes in your area if the issue is with a main line in your neighborhood. 

The Toilet Overflows Regularly

If your toilet overflows regularly, you may need to call a plumber. If it overflows after you flush it, there’s most likely a blockage in the toilet somewhere. If your overflows don’t respond to plunging, call a plumber immediately. The drain pipe could be blocked.  

Burst Pipes

Pipes usually burst when pipes freeze during the winter months. When this happens, you can face serious issues if it isn’t resolved quickly. A plumber will be able to see which pipes have been affected and can help you prevent expensive flooding. If a water line bursts, you can get massive flooding throughout your home. If this happens, you need to get a plumber fast.

When Do You Urgently Need a Plumber - plumber

A Sewage Smell

If you have a blocked or broken sewer line, pools of water or mushy, smelly soil might start to accumulate in your yard. Strange events might happen in your house, such as the toilets filling when you run water in the sink. Fixing this problem can be complicated and tiring work if you have to dig up the sewer line. This is definitely a job for a professional plumber to get your system up and running again. Your house needs a functioning sewer line that carries out the wastewater from the toilets, tubs, showers, washing machines sinks, and dishwashers, so it’s essential that you call a plumber to do a sewer line video inspection through the line’s clean-out entry point. If it turns out that the line can’t be repaired, it will have to be replaced. 

Issues With the Water Heater

If your hot water temperature is inconsistent, you need a professional to look at your hot water heater. You might need to replace your water heater with a newer model. Bacteria could grow inside your water heater if it doesn’t get hot enough. There’s also the danger of getting bursts of scalding water in the shower. Don’t try to fix your flammable, pressurized water heater yourself. 

Water That Gurgles Up

If your toilet starts to gurgle when you take a shower, you know there’s a problem somewhere. The gurgling is most likely caused by your draining system needing air. If it has to work too hard, water may even spill out into your home. It’s better to turn the water off and call a plumber to take a look.  

Final Thoughts

Don’t feel that you’ll be wasting money to call a plumber to fix any of these issues. They have been trained in coding standards and have years of experience diagnosing problems and offering solutions. If you try to fix complicated problems yourself, you may end up making things worse, which could cause a safety risk and lead to more expenses down the road. 

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