How To Upgrade Your Off-Road Experience This Summer

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If you haven’t yet thought about how to get the most out of your 4WD vehicle, you might want to start now. Summer is coming and that brings opportunities for fun and adventure and the chance to explore the road less traveled. To get started, peruse parts and accessories and discover the possibilities.

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Whether you need better tires or a bold body lift, you can unlock the potential of your ride.

Plan Your Trip

You probably have some ideas of where you want to go this summer. Taking a drive along the coastal sands in Texas or exploring the logging roads of northern Michigan require appropriate equipment. Getting your Jeep in top shape might require a small tweak or two or it could involve a major upgrade. Quality parts will make your machine look and perform better and could improve comfort and safety.

Since your tires impact every mile you drive, it makes sense to get this component right. Whether you want improved gas mileage or have visions of climbing steep slick rock in Utah, there is a tire for you. Spend some time thinking about where you will drive and what capabilities you need. For many 4WD enthusiasts, all terrain tires make a lot of sense. These versatile skins have several advantages:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Large selection
  • Superior puncture resistance
  • Enhanced durability
  • Increased off-road traction

They also do well on the street and get decent gas mileage. As an all-purpose tire, they won’t necessarily excel in certain extreme environments, such as mud and rock, but they deliver the flexibility that many people like who drive both on-road and off-road. As you make plans for the summer, remember your vehicle will play an important role. Getting the most suitable accessories and upgrades at good prices will lead to a better vacation.

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Upgrade Your Vehicle

This also might be the time to increase the clearance of your Jeep or truck. Understanding what do you need to lift a truck can get you started on this process. It might make sense to consider what you plan to use your vehicle for and how high you want to raise the frame. A minor lift of a couple of inches will likely make things simpler than a major lift of six inches. Any major lift will probably result in necessary adjustments to tire size and shocks.

A basic lift allows you to keep the factory shocks in place. This option will likely cost less than a more complicated lift. The next level involves a quality set of coilovers and a pair of upper control arms. This option can provide 2-3 inches of lift. This level provides greater off-road control, but probably will not be enough to use larger tires. The final level of lift involves going to a drop down lift. This will require a calibration of the lift, hardware, tires and shocks for everything to work in harmony. If a vehicle upgrade becomes part of your summer plans, make sure to get the best parts at the best prices. Shop online now and save.

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