6 Ways Updating Your Roofing Boosts Your Home’s Value

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Updating your home’s roof is one of the best ways to improve its selling price and appearance. A new roof can also improve your home’s structural integrity and the safety of the occupants. Although investing in a new roof may seem expensive, the benefits you’ll reap are worth the price.

6 Ways Updating Your Roofing Boosts Your Home’s Value

However, before starting any work on your roof, you should understand whether to fix or replace the entire roofing system. Updating your roof depends on various things, such as the current condition, budget, size of the roof, roofing material, among others. However, if you keep on repairing your roof every now and then, it might be time to entirely replace it with a stronger and more durable roof that will last long to increase your home’s value. Wonder how a new roof can boost your home’s value? Here is how:

1. The Better The Roof, The Better The Value

While looking for a house to buy, there are things that people look out for, such as well-maintained roofing. Not only because having a well-maintained roof enhances your house’s appearance, but it also saves the buyer the hassle and costs of reroofing. Remember that your home’s roof is one of the things most appraisers look closely at when determining the value of your home. When you prioritize repairing, replacing, or maintaining your roof, you might be increasing your home’s value by 15% to 40%.

2. Improves Your Home’s Aesthetics

Most people prioritize aesthetics when looking for a house to buy. A neglected roof creates a negative view of your house and can imply that the rest of the house is neglected. With such a perception of your home, you’re unlikely to get potential buyers willing to pay well for the house. Roofs are exposed to different weather conditions. Therefore, you should ensure that your home’s roof is in good condition and can endure harsh weather conditions. If you aren’t sure whether your roof is the best for your home or have noticed any leakages or damages on your roof, you may need to seek assistance from a residential roofer for further assessment.

3. Low Maintenance Attracts More Buyers

With a new roof, your home will require less maintenance. This aspect can be beneficial to both the occupants and potential buyers. Additionally, a home with high-quality roofing will most likely attract more buyers since they’re certain to carry out low maintenance when it comes to roofing repairs. An updated roof ensures that the homeowner enjoys the boost to their home’s value. At the same time, the buyer will save a significant amount of money because they can avoid roof repair or installation.

6 Ways Updating Your Roofing Boosts Your Home’s Value - new roof

4. Increases The Energy Efficiency Of Your Home

According to the experts from Suffolk county roofer, a new, modern roof can increase the value of your home by improving the house’s energy efficiency. Most buyers want to buy an energy-efficient home and are likely to pay more for such homes. Proper roofing can also maintain constant indoor temperature, which could reduce the use of air conditioners during the summer. Thus, to ensure that your home is more valuable, consider updating your roofing to make sure that your roof is energy efficient.

Since different roofs may vary in terms of energy efficiency, you may consider the following when updating your roofing:

  • Will the roof of your choice help ventilate your home?
  • Which roofing material is suitable for your local climate?
  • Is painting or using roofing materials that can release or reflect solar energy necessary for your home?
  • Will installing solar panels attract more buyers willing to pay more for your house?

5. Adds Safety And Security For Your Home

Old or damaged roofs could be the entry point for thieves. Damaged roofs are also prone to mold, damages, water, and pest infestation that may pose hazards. However, a new roof is less likely to be damaged by pests and storms, wind, or snowfall. Thus, a new roof isn’t only beneficial when selling your home; it also increases the security of its occupants and the safety of what’s inside the house. Therefore, by updating your roofing, your home becomes more valuable due to the safety and security it provides. As such, you could attract more buyers when selling your house.

6. Warranty

A new roof is an assured investment. It eradicates the worries linked with roof integrity issues. By having a new roof, you may also get material and manufacturer warranties, shielding you from roof repair costs within the warranty period. Thus, most home buyers are interested in homes installed with new roofing due to the warranty it provides.


The roof is a vital aspect of a home, and installing a new roofing system ensures your safety and security, improves your home’s aesthetics, increases the energy efficiency of your home, and boosts your home’s value. Thus, if you’re looking forward to improving the value of your home, consider updating your roofing.

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