How to Choose Unique Wedding Gifts for the Happy Couple

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Choosing a wedding gift for the happy couple can be a challenge, even if the couple has a registry. Some wedding registries will include lots of household basics at a range of price points to suit all guests, you may want to go off-list and choose a unique wedding gift the couple can enjoy and appreciate in the years ahead.

How to Choose Unique Wedding Gifts for the Happy Couple - gift

When a couple is getting married and exchange rings, they want their home to be filled with items that feel personal and useful to them both. A unique wedding gift, like the ideas shown here, is one with a personal touch that holds a meaning or a message the couple will understand. The best gifts are those that last a lifetime and can be part of the memories made in the future.

Wedding registry etiquette

Whilst it is not essential that your gift should be one chosen from the couple’s wedding registry, it will provide an insight into their personal taste and style if you have your own ideas that you want to follow through. There is a trend for wedding registries to simply ask for cash instead of gifts. The registry will usually state that the money will go towards their honeymoon or another large expense the couple want to take on. For some, this is an impersonal gift and the choice is to go “off-registry” and choose a gift that is a visible sign of support and love for the couple as they enter this new phase in their relationship.

Luxury gift

Traditional wedding gifts are often practical items for the home but for the couple that has been living together for years or appear to have everything they need for the home, a gift that adds a bit of luxury to their lives will be special. A beautiful vase for all the flowers she can expect to receive throughout the year or a piece of home décor that fits their style and can become a centrepiece during times of celebration. A rose, picked at the peak of perfection and preserved in silver, gold or in their favourite colour, can adorn the table of a romantic dinner for two at home and a link back to their wedding day.

Handmade gift

If you are skilled in arts or crafts, consider making a gift for the couple. Contact the maid of honour for a photograph or details of the dress the bride will be wearing and gift a sketch of the dress in a simple frame that you can gift on the wedding day itself as a memorable gift.  If the couple is planning a winter trip, knit them each a scarf.

How to Choose Unique Wedding Gifts for the Happy Couple

Gift for the wedding day

Whilst most wedding day gifts are physical gifts sent to the couple’s home in advance of the day if you are a skilled baker your gift can be their wedding cake, or perhaps your skill lies with flower arranging or as a musician or DJ for the wedding or reception. Being involved in the wedding, even with a simple gift like instant print cameras on the day, adds a personal touch.

Customised registry gifts

A gift from the wedding registry is one you know they will appreciate since they asked for it. Make the gift more personal with a letter wishing the couple well and the reason for your gift choice. You may have chosen a set of champagne flutes so they can mark times of celebration and you can then link this with a bottle of bubbly on their first wedding anniversary.

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