Ultimate guide to soft close drawer slides

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The self close vs soft close drawer slides, which are sometimes referred to as “soft-close” slides, are also part of this extensive inventory. These slides are ideal for applications in which drawers must be properly closed and remain closed until they are purposefully reopened. But how do these two slides differ from one another? And which one is most suitable for your needs?

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What distinguishes self-closing from easy-closing drawer slides?

Full extension, front disconnect, hold-in features, and high load ratings are some of the features that all of our easy-close and self-close slides share, but there is one major difference between them all. A drawer with a self-closing slide closes quickly when the spring is engaged, using a spring mechanism. In contrast, easy-close slides use a damper mechanism in addition to a spring to close the drawer quietly and gently.

What advantages do soft-close (easy-close) slides offer?

The ability of easy-close drawer slides to close slowly and softly, as implied by their name, is their most well-known feature. This not only makes them safer for use in domestic applications that children might use, like kitchen drawers, but it also makes them more pleasant for sound-sensitive environments like hospitals. For applications involving delicate items like rgb bedside table, such as these archive drawers, easy-close drawer slides are also ideal. When the drawer is opened or closed with sufficient force, easily damaged items are less likely to be knocked over and broken by the slide’s easy-close feature.

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What advantages do self-closing slides offer?

Self-closing slides still offer numerous advantages in a wide range of applications, even though they were the forerunners of easy-close slides. Self-closing slides can have a smaller closing mechanism than easy-closing slides’ damper mechanisms, allowing them to be used on shorter slides. Because of this, self-closing slides are great for smaller applications like medical drawers and the innovative disinfectant boxes from Innova7ion. Additionally, self-close slides are ideal for a wide range of applications in the white goods, retail, and medical industries because they are resistant to both high and low temperature extremes, whereas the air in the easy-close damper makes the slide temperature-sensitive.

A self-close slide is a fantastic, less expensive alternative to the soft-close that still offers durability and dependability if you are looking for a slide that will ensure that your drawers are completely closed in an application that does not require quiet or gentle closing, such as these waste bins. Our self-closing slides can also be used with clip-on brackets, giving you more options for mounting and making them even more adaptable to your needs. Accuride offers a wide variety of self-close and easy-close drawer slides as a result of ongoing innovation and development to ensure that we have the best slide for almost any application.

With 100% extension, front disconnect, a 45kg load rating, and hold-in capabilities, our well-liked 3832 slide is available in easy-close, self-close, and heavy-duty self-close configurations. In a similar vein, our easy-close and self-closing DZ5321-SC slides have a load rating of up to 100 kg and provide 100% extension for larger drawers with a width of up to 1000 mm. Additionally, we offer a self-closing slide with bayonet mounting and a medium-duty full extension soft-close slide with a load rating of 45 kg. In addition to our telescopic slides, we also provide a soft-closing option for sliding doors, panels, and other linear applications with an additional damper mechanism for our DA0115-ECRC-2 linear motion guide.

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