The Ultimate Guide To Tipping A Tradesman

When it comes to tipping a lot of people get into confusion. To tip or not to tip? That is the question. And like so many other things in life there is no “one size fits them all” answer. What is considered a common courtesy by one is regarded as an unnecessary waste of money by others –

So how do you avoid the gratitude gaffes and find a middle ground?

Tipping a waiter at a restaurant is generally accepted as common practice. The tipping etiquette for such services suggests that your tip should range anywhere in between 10-20% of the bill.

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At the same, time when you hire a tradesman you are obligated to pay for the service, but you are not bound to offer a tip. As there is no tipping reference guide the rules may vary. There is no fixed percentage as the prices for hiring a tradesman are usually hourly based and a regular home improvement job can go up to a few hundred pounds (or dollars, depending on your location, of course).

There are certain traits you can look for and these can help you decide if your handyman qualifies for a tip. Here’s what you should bear in mind:

  • Arrives on time – punctuality is one of the most important traits of professionalism. If the tradesman doesn’t qualify in this category, he doesn’t qualify for a tip either.
  • Knows what he’s doing – it takes time, effort, knowledge and practice to become a master in any field. This is easiest to confirm with a local tradesman.If you are lucky to find such a person make sure you show them your appreciation.
  • Not wasting time on side things – some people do whatever they can just to make the time pass by without getting the job done. Talking on the phone, going back and forth, constantly searching for tools – it is easy to tell if someone is stretching the hour. If you read a mattress review and bought a new one – you want it installed straight away. On the contrary – a focused and well-organized handyman will get down to business because a professional values time more than anything. Your gratitude should follow the latter.
  • Finishes on time – once again, a skilled professional knows how long each job takes and plans accordingly. Of course, don’t be too judgemental as sometimes unexpected complications may occur or you might need a third party to arrive (e.g. a gas company representative) so don’t take it against the handyman if such thing happens. If such situation arises observing how the tradesman handles the situation will help you decide if he needs some form of reimbursement.
  • Offers you additional help if he finishes earlier – most of the time a handyman charges per hour. You’ve planned some small touch-ups around the house but it took less than an hour to finish them. You are still obligated to pay for a full hour, but if the handyman offers to help you with something else that is a good sign he might deserve a little extra. Bear in mind, that labour is not the one single thing worth of value. Advice can often be as valuable. A great example is the trendy difference between MDV and Solid wood. An experienced and up-to-date professional would be able to answer it, as well as a ton of other questions like pros and cons of types of paint, how to take care of wood and etc. Is there anything else you would like to know? You can always ask us for tips.
  • Has a positive and friendly attitude – it is important what a person does, but it is as important as how he does it. When the service is performed in a positive and polite manner that usually deserves appreciation. It is a good idea to encourage every person who recognizes the importance of good manners and attitude and tipping is one of these forms of encouragement.
  • Goes the extra mile for you – imagine you’ve hired a handyman to build a doghouse for your furry pal. The technician not only finishes his job on time but because he really loves dogs, he offers you to erase a few minor scratches on the hard floor, at no extra cost! This is the real story of Anna, founder of Puphow and a passionate pet lover. She wanted a new home for her puppy, but along that she got the hard floor sanded, for free! This attitude simply deserves tipping, don’t you think? Did Anna tip him? Yes, she did!

When it comes to tipping one more thing to consider is your location. If you are living in London the pay rates and the standard of living is very different then the one in Chapman, for example. And if you don’t feel like tipping one thing you can do is round up the bill.

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What is Tipping Without Tipping?

It doesn’t always have to be cash in order to be a tip. There are many ways to show your appreciation for a job well done without the need to give extra money. Here’s how:

  • Leave a positive review – there are many websites (Yelp, Trustpilot, etc.) that provide the opportunity for customers to post a review and a short comment about the quality of the service they’ve received. Make sure you mention the name of the handyman. By doing so two major consequences will follow – you’ll help other people make the right choice when looking for a reliable handyman. At the same time you will help the professional technician reach more clients and therefore get more jobs and make more money.
  • Hire the same person whenever you need a work around the house. A returning customer is one of the greatest rewards for a hardworking handyman. It is a proof of trust and reliability and also a boost for his motivation to perform well in the future.
  • Recommend the pro to your friends and colleagues. Although we live in the 21st century and we search online for almost anything you can think of, word of mouth is still one of the most reliable sources of information.

“Business relationships rely on trust and your personal recommendation is one of the strongest signals that someone can be trusted. So don’t keep quiet – your personal experience and opinion matter. Your generosity can go way beyond money and a few good words can be incomparable in value to a few extra pounds.” told us from Junk Bunk LTD. Are you happy? Tell a friend. It always helps.

  • Say it. Yes, it sounds like common sense, but it’s not. So many people forget to tell the person who did a great job that they appreciate it. Look the person in the eyes and tell him he did a great job. Let him know you are willing to hire him again in the future and that you’ll recommend him to everyone you know. (Only do that if you sincerely feel it and believe it).

Your kind words of gratitude can do real magic. The satisfied tradesman is as important as the satisfied customer (and that is you). This highly motivated person will continue providing exceptional services to other people in your area or community and that will make a difference in their lives too.

Being a satisfied customer is important and being a satisfied person is even better. So next time you receive an outstanding service follow these simple tips and make life better – for yourself and for the person who made it better.

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  1. How about tipping maintenance worker at apartments and condos? Do you tip them? Information very helpful.

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