3 Most Common Types of Rubber Gaskets and Their Uses

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Gaskets are usually used to seal the gaps between two surfaces so as to join them appropriately and to avoid leakage of gas or liquid while under compression. These gaskets are the most flexible and strongest seals that you can use to protect and fix your appliances. They’re used in so many industries, and in so many ways. These gaskets can be commonly seen in home appliances as well as in commercial kitchens. In the commercial kitchen, workers need their refrigerator and commercial coolers to be in working mode 24/7 so they need high quality walk in cooler door gaskets to preserve the quality of food all the time.
3 Most Common Types of Rubber Gaskets and Their Uses

Rubber gaskets help you prevent leakages, seal surfaces together, and mount items on walls, which makes them a must-have in every home. These handy little tools come in different forms, here are the 3 most common types and their uses.

1. Silicone

Gaskets that are made of Silicone, a solid rubber material, are often used in products and areas that are subject to extreme temperature fluctuations. They’re most commonly used in the Arctic because of their flexibility and ability to ensure very low temperatures. They’re resistant to heat, sunlight, and ozone. Silicone gaskets are used by mechanics and engineers to seal different appliances and prevent leakage, but will not glue the pieces together. They can be used as electrical insulators and are water repellent. They can act as a tight seal and will survive harsh temperatures better than most materials.


This is one of the most used types of rubber gaskets available on the market today. They can be used for a variety of different purposes, as they are resistant to chemicals, oils, water, steam, and oxygen. The best thing about EPDM gaskets is that they’re FDA approved.

3 Most Common Types of Rubber Gaskets and Their Uses - rubber gaskets

You can search online or click here to choose a provider that can help you find a variety of options with different shapes, sizes, and materials that will be suitable for various uses. EPDM gaskets are mostly used in the automotive and construction industries. They can also be used domestically to seal doors and windows, or as electrical gaskets. Make sure you use the right shapes and sizes and you will be getting yourself a material that will last forever.

3. Chloroprene

This is a kind of synthetic rubber and, therefore, it’s versatile and can survive harsh environments. It can be used to seal appliances that are exposed to certain chemicals like petroleum solvents and different kinds of oil. It’s very strong and can resist water, oil, sun rays, fire, heat, cold, and oxygen – you name it! Chloroprene gaskets will be able to seal pretty much anything right away. They’re also available in different colors and are impermeable to fluids and gas.

Rubber gaskets are underappreciated, seeing as how they can be used for a number of purposes. They can survive harsh environments and are resistant to certain types of chemicals. They can also withstand different temperatures as mentioned above. Therefore, if you use the right type of rubber gasket, you will be getting yourself an easy fix for an issue that may have been there forever. Make sure to buy gaskets with the right size, shape, and material you need for maximum efficiency and durability.

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