5 Different types of paint sprayers

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Paint sprayers are a widely known and used tool to paint any object, surface, or walls with any color that you may have in your mind. Paint sprayers are known to give you much more coverage than a normal paintbrush or a normal roller. They also don’t have any brush marks or any other kind of marks associate with them. This means you get to paint your stuff without any after-effects or things that you have to be careful about.

5 Different types of paint sprayers

There are many types of paint sprayers that you can usually get your hands on that provide you with different kinds of facilities and much more. So we are going to discuss a few different types of paint sprayers down below so that you can get a better understanding of them all.

Airless Paint Sprayer

An airless paint sprayer is one of the most commonly used paint sprayers of all time, this paint sprayer does not use compressed air, but it uses an electric pump that propels the paint from the tip of the sprayer, making a spray of paint. This says the paint easily sticks to the surface and gives you a smooth finish. The airless sprayer also covers large areas of the wall in a very short amount of time; this means that the airless spray gun is designed to work on large areas and for other professional use. So, if you are someone professional or experienced, an airless paint sprayer is the best choice for you!

LVLP (low volume, low pressure) paint sprayer 

This paint sprayer only requires about 10PSI to run, which is why they are suitable and go along really well with these DIY workers because they use a very precise amount and pressure for their projects and work. These paint sprayers are also very much smaller than the usual paint sprayer, which is another reason why many people prefer this kind of paint sprayers; since they are small, they are way easier to carry around than normal paint sprayers. You can work on big surfaces with this device, too, but it just means that it will give you guys a thin layer of paint, so you might have to do the double or triple coating.

Compressed Air Sprayers 

Just like the LVLP sprayers, compressed air sprayers are very easy to use. Compressed air sprayers do exactly what they sound like; they have a compressor in them, which they use to make a force out of the air they compress to push the paint, which then comes out of the hose mixed with the paint in the shape of a spray! Compressed air sprayers are cheap and very inexpensive as compared to electric air sprayers; even though compressed air compressors are more affordable than the electric air sprayer but these are still being replaced by the new and upcoming models of paint sprayers.

5 Different types of paint sprayers - painting

HVLP (high volume low pressure) sprayer 

This paint sprayer is more of a precise unit. As the name tells us the story, this sprayer operates at low pressure, meaning it ejects less paint than usual paint sprayers through its tip. So, all in all, an HVLP paint sprayer is so much easier to use than a normal sprayer since it is easier to control and manage, doesn’t causes a lot of mess, and you can easily use this paint sprayer for this precision work. If you want to make sure that you are getting an even and smooth coverage of an area, an HVLP sprayer is what you should get your hands on. It will cover your walls slowly, precisely, and neatly too.

Gravity Feed Paint Sprayer 

A gravity feed paint sprayer is a spray gun that is much like the HVLP spray gun we just learned about above. This spray gun can create a wide span of different kinds of coatings on your work surface or your project. Requiring much less pressure than any other spray gun, a gravity feed gun will give you a very precise and smooth finish without any over-spraying and very little to no mess. This kind of sprayer is usually used in automotive workshops in painting cars and bikes. I would not recommend you to use this spray gun in covering large projects and walls, but it is highly appreciated for bringing a warm finish and final touch to different projects.

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