4 Types of Metal Table Base Perfect for Every Home

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Nowadays, there are numerous styles and designs for dining tables that are released to suit the user’s preferences. But not all of these designs can guarantee that you will be enjoying a meal once you get to utilize them. Dining should be comfortable and it should matter that you can fully enjoy your food without any disturbances coming from your furniture. Aside from the fact that the dining table is the highlight of every dining room, such an item of furniture must be chosen carefully because it should complement your interiors without having to compromise its primary function: to keep your plates and food in place while you eat.

4 Types of Metal Table Base Perfect for Every Home

With the many table styles and sizes available, it is still crucial that you select the right one which you think will truly match your dining environment.

Table Base

While picking a table is as important as choosing the other furniture for your house, it is also necessary to consider the details of the table especially the base. It is because not all bases can carry the weight of the tabletop. Table bases made from wrought iron will best carry out this function. Metal is an undisputable material in terms of quality because history has proven this substance’s capacity in various applications. Indeed, it has been the foundation of most infrastructures and devices that were formed. With this, you will never have doubts about its capability to hold various types of tabletops like glass, acrylic, wood, and even metal itself. Depending on the style, metal table bases can also be manufactured to fit the design of the tabletop. It can be carved to form shapes and figures and polished according to its suitable finish.

Pedestal Base

This type of table base is also recommended mostly tables that are utilized for display purposes because it can not only serve as a dining table but as a tool to highlight a certain part or object in a house. A vase, sculpture, antique, or any object that would surely be the centerpiece of attention of your home can be featured using tables with pedestal bases. Common pedestal tables are those made from metal which is then brushed or polished if you are aiming to match the rustic or vintage style. The tabletop could also be glass or metal as long as it is sturdy enough to hold the piece. Pedestal bases can also be made from wrought iron similar to tables that are situated on the backyards or garden areas outside the house. These types of tables exhibit a minimalist concept and would complement the natural greens surrounding the place. There also exist some pedestal tables with different styles like those incorporated on modern and contemporary interiors which are created mostly from stainless steel and wood. Also, the bases can be formed using abstract shapes and irregular formations for a newer and unique look. Other materials used for creating tables with pedestal bases are traditional agricultural products like the abaca and rattan. These materials are perfect for minimalist designs or even houses that are situated near the sea.

Trestle Base

Although not a common table design used in most homes, tables with trestle bases are best if you have many members of the household residing in a single home. Trestle tables can cater to a lot of people in the dining area and can hold multiple contents placed on the tabletop. These tables are characterized usually with a long bar of either steel, wood, or glass that is attached in the middle to connect the bases. Likewise, this bar allows bigger legroom for those dining and provides ample seating between the people dining which is why most restaurants use this type of table to cater to more customers while not taking up too much space inside the establishment. Wooden trestle tables with carvings on the surface appeal to spaces with the vintage or elemental concept. On the other hand, steel-manufactured trestle tables look good on contemporary or medieval-inspired interiors.

Cross leg Base

Similar to the trestle base, the only difference is that the main bases are x-shaped. This is commonly used as benches on parks or picnic areas and even schools. Crafted from durable polished wood or steel, this provides larger legroom for those dining on the table. It also has the same benefits that you can receive from the trestle tables.

4 Types of Metal Table Base Perfect for Every Home - sawhorse

Sawhorse Base

This table base design is much like the upgraded version of the cross-leg bases because below is a bar attached connecting the bases. The only distinct difference is that the bases are not crossed instead arranged in a triangular formation. The triangular bases are placed on all four sides of the table but the bar is placed to connect the bases that are on similar sides. These table designs are now used as dining tables both outside and inside houses as well as built using various materials. The structure of the bases is inspired by the demand for a more secure base sturdy enough to hold the tabletop.

Final thoughts

As observed earlier, there are many table designs to choose from and to make selecting a bit easier, we have focused on differentiating the various kinds of table bases. However, it all would depend on whether your house is able to accommodate the table you have decided to purchase. This provides us with the idea that planning for a table purchase or customization will have to take into account the costs, the appearance, the type of finish added, people who will be dining with you regularly, and the space provided for the dining table. This will be a project that will require you to be hands-on on the entire manufacturing process so that you can be able to monitor the progress of your table and ask quick questions regarding the styling and conceptualizing of your table. It is necessary that you will be able to come up with a layout for your table and the best table manufacturers who are responsible enough to communicate with you regarding the update of your order and answer your queries on the formation of your videos.

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