Three Types of Epoxy Coating for Homes

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Epoxy coating is one of the best options when it comes to turning floors into an appealing and safe surface. Commercial and residential epoxy contractors often recommend epoxy coating to their clients because of its many advantages.

Three Types of Epoxy Coating for Homes

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Three Types of Epoxy Coating

Clear Type

You can easily find clear type epoxy coating in old houses with old concrete floors. Old concrete floors were often given clear epoxy finishing to make them more stylish. The clean look of clear epoxy coating is also a plus for most homeowners. Clear epoxy coating is often seen on garage floors (and areas where traffic is mostly expected) because it strengthens the durability of the concrete.

Solid Type

Solid epoxy coating is known for being ‘solid’. It can turn your hard-concrete floor into a more durable surface. As a bonus, you can use and apply it to any surface in different styles and forms. Homeowners often use solid type epoxy finishing in their personal and living room floors.

Metallic Type

If you are into glossy flooring, you can have the metallic type. You can either have a glossy finishing or a mat finishing. With different colors available for metallic epoxy type, you can have it in your modern or rustic home. Epoxy companies recommend the use of metallic-type epoxy flooring on a commercial building that has boutiques and retail stores. In addition, metallic type is easy to clean and maintain hence places expecting unusual traffic often have it.

Three Types of Epoxy Coating for Homes - 3D epoxy flooring

Advantage and Disadvantage of Using Epoxy Coating

Before deciding on the type of epoxy coating to have, let me tell you the pros and cons of having an epoxy-coated floor. Your epoxy flooring contractor can also tell you more about these.


As stated by flooring experts like ATX Stained Concrete, the durability of an epoxy coating depends on factors such as installation and where it is installed. If properly installed, it can last for up to a decade even if it is your garage or kitchen where traffic is high. If properly cured, an epoxy coating won’t suffer cracks, corrosion, or even chemical damage. Epoxy coating is very effective in lengthening a concrete’s shelf life even in places where the weather is always hot. If you are in the Austin area, epoxy coating is a good flooring option. For stylish home flooring, epoxy coating is a great option. It comes in different colors and designs for added aesthetic factors. For homeowners with existing concrete flooring, this is a very simple and affordable solution to have a makeover. Epoxy coating can be applied directly to existing concrete flooring.


Installation of epoxy coating is not an easy task. You have to contact a professional epoxy contractor to do it for you. It is not advisable to make it a DIY project, even for seasoned dads who are into construction projects. For one, humidity needs to be considered during installation. Too much moisture in the air can lead to a poorly installed epoxy coating. When installed in humid weather, the coating becomes prone to cracks. During installation, you also have to consider the type of epoxy to use. You have to be knowledgeable in terms of using water-based and solvent-based epoxy coatings. Your epoxy flooring contractor can tell you more about the importance of knowing such information.

Improper installation of epoxy coating can be a health risk. When cured incorrectly, people in your household might inhale dust and fumes that can irritate the eyes, nose, and even the lungs. To prevent these, it is best to have your epoxy flooring in Austin installed by a trusted professional epoxy contractor. Remember though that installation takes time because especially during the curing process. The installation and curing can take up to two weeks, a major inconvenience if you are making a renovation at home. Another disadvantage of epoxy coating is being slippery when wet, putting elderlies and toddlers at a high risk of meeting an accident.


For your epoxy flooring in Austin, the best way to do it is to call an epoxy contractor. Your contractor can help you decide on which type to have especially if you are still not familiar with the different types of epoxy coatings. The epoxy coating might be considered as an expensive flooring option but when weighed, the pros of having an epoxy coated floor are very high making it a great option for home and commercial surfaces.

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