Types of Aggregates

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Aggregates is a material that looks like a rock, depending on the aggregates suppliers and the aggregate it includes gravel, smashed rocks, sand and recycled concrete. There are different types of aggregates, which include coarse aggregate and fine aggregate. Each of these has further subdivided into two distinct classifications based on the size.

Types of Aggregates

In this article, we will talk about the various aggregates so that you have a better understanding of this topic.

Granite Aggregates

This is the best aggregates for high-grade concrete, it comes in many different shades such as red, grey, pink and can be used for decorating. Granite is made from many various components, which at the end of the day dictates the color.

Limestone aggregates

Limestone aggregates are made from crushing sedimentary rocks. The limestone aggregate is most commonly used to construct roads and reinforced concrete other than granite and gravel. For instance, ag lime service produces calcium rich aggregate which is great nutrition to the soil.

Gravel/ Ballast aggregates

These gravel aggregates are made through shifting rocks and crushing natural stones. Gravel aggregates don’t have a lot of strength as their granite counterparts do. However, they are much cheaper to purchase. They also have low radioactive content. Gravel aggregates are mainly used for foundation and concretes. The products are also made of reinforced concrete & other materials to use in road construction. Mostly there are two types of gravel aggravates.

Gravel- rounded pebbles found in sea or river

Scrabbled stone- they are stones which can be normal, natural or crushed.

Types of Aggregates - construction aggregates

Secondary aggregates

These are mainly made through crushing construction waste such as brick, concrete and asphalt. Secondary aggregates are made as a compelling low-cost option for other materials. It is half as expensive as granite, but it isn’t as strong as granite. However, they can be used for various things. You can use them for road construction, maintenance work and for taking care of weaker soils.


Sand is used for providing bulk and strength to materials such as a table salt on concrete. They can be used for decorative purposes as well. When you combine sand with water or any other aggregates, it forms into a solid, durable concrete that can be used for many different applications. That also plays a significant role as a binding agent in asphalt, a much underrated aggregate.

Why do you need aggregates?

Aggregates are an essential part of many construction applications. They are used in domestic and commercial projects and make up a big part of the composition of materials like concrete and cement. By definition, it is a collection of loose material such as gravel, sand and crushed stones they are mostly sourced from queries pits and other from other materials taken from the sea and other places. Most concrete is made from around 80% accurate and absolved consist of 95% aggravates.

Final verdict

It would help if you now had a clear idea of what aggregates are, and the different types of aggregates. Aggregates are one of the most critical components when it comes to many domestic and commercial projects. Understanding the difference between different kinds of aggregates will help you find out the right aggregate supplier.

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    My grandfather wants to add an aggregate of some sort to his backyard and he needs to choose the right kind. I am really glad you mentioned how gravel is a more affordable aggregate option. I’ll suggest that my grandpa finds high-quality gravel from a reputable supplier for his yard.

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