Which Type Of Carpet Should You Pick

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As a homeowner, you want your flooring material to be as soft as possible to provide a luxurious feel for your feet. Carpet is one of the best flooring options to achieve that comfort level. There are many different types of carpets available. So, it is pertinent to know their characteristics and material before making a practical decision. In this piece, we will tell you all you need to know about the different carpet types available in the market to help you make that purchase decision but first, let’s see how the carpets are made.

Which Type Of Carpet Should You Pick

Carpets are made with a variety of natural and synthetic fibers of which four most common are polyester, wool carpets, nylon, and polypropylene. Carpet is made in sewing like mechanism by looping yarn through a backing material. These loops are then treated in different ways (carpet pile) like leaving them intact or cut at various lengths and angles. Now let’s see the two most common types of carpet which are cut (twist) and loop pile. These types have further variations which are outlined below.

Cut Pile Carpets

Twist or cut pile carpets are durable because of the fiber used in them, the twist of the yarn, and the density of the tufts. You can choose from 4 different styles of cut pile carpets according to your needs and style.

1)   Plush Style

Also known as “Velvet Pile”, Plush style is made of luxurious, small, densely packed fibers that create a rich, soft, and light surface for your feet.

2)   Saxony Style

These carpets are made of individual strands that stand upright to create a fuzzy lush surface for your feet. This style is one of the most popular carpets because of their rich feel. The only downside of these carpets is that the strands can easily be crushed by furniture, vacuuming, and feet, so we don’t recommend Saxony style carpets for high traffic areas.

3)   Cable Style

These carpets are heavier because they are made of thick and long fibers that provide your feet, a cozy feeling which makes these carpets great to walk on.

4)   Textured Style

These carpets use low-density fibers with uneven height which helps to hide the dirt. However, these carpets are not recommended for high traffic areas as they are prone to easy damage because of their uneven height.

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Loop Pile Carpet

In these carpets, loops are visible because yarn tips are not cut. They are durable and “all-purpose” carpets and you can choose from the following styles of Loop pile carpets.

1)  Patterned Multi-Level Loop

These carpets feature loops of varying heights to create textures or patterns.

2)   Cut and Loop

These carpets feature a mixture of loop pile and cut pile fibers that make them ideal for high traffic areas. Their textured appearance also hides stains and dirt.

3)   Berber

These carpets feature short and packed looped fibers which provide a durable surface for high traffic. Depending upon the color flecks in the fiber, these carpets may be able to hide dirt. So, there you have it. Armed with this knowledge about types of carpet, you can now make an informed decision on which carpet to use that complements your style and needs.

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