Tree Surgeons: Who Are They and What They Actually Do

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Tree Surgeons: Who Are They and What They Actually Do

Tree surgeons plant, conserve, and carry out hazard assessments on individual trees, shrubs, and hedgerows in cities, rural, and conservation areas. They also trim or cut down trees if the need arises. Tree surgery is arguably one of the most dangerous jobs since it encompasses the use of power tools, lots of climbing, and performing numerous tasks at height. Therefore, a tree surgeon must have an exceptional physical fitness. The role of tree surgery ranges from improving the health standards of a tree, boosting its appearance, to ensuring safety.

What are the Duties of Tree Surgeons?

  • Planting Trees, hedgerows, and shrubs
  • Trimming or thinning to get rid of diseased or damaged branches
  • Elimination of whole or sections of trees
  • Provision of emergency tree care after storm damage
  • Use of a wide array of professional equipment and climbing methods
  • Performing groundwork leveraging a chipper and chainsaw

Tree surgeons work in close collaboration with other important team members. For instance, the ground staffs keep people and cars away to ensure a safe work site. They also refuel chainsaws, pass tools to tree surgeons, and clear away dead or weakened branches and debris.

Tree surgeons use a wide array of hand and power tools such as chainsaws, mechanical shredders, trimmers, hedge cutters, and secateurs. They also spare time to clean up and maintain their tools and equipment. Typically, these tree professionals work for about 35 to 40 hours per week, from Monday to Friday. They may also do some overtime work in the evening or on the weekend. If you are in Yorkshire and its neighborhood, Tree Services UK Tree Surgeons Yorkshire are always a phone call way and offer a quick response to emergencies.

These professionals mostly work outdoors in different locations, including public woodlands, highways, urban and national parks, and privately owned gardens. Apart from being noisy, the work exposes them to sawdust, gases from tools, fertilizers, and pesticides. Thus, they put on protective clothing like helmets, chainsaw protective boots, ear protectors, gloves, and trousers. They also leverage rope access and positioning structures to ensure maximum safety when climbing tall trees.

Tree surgeons

How Much Do Tree Surgeons Earn?

The salary for entry-level tree surgeons, serving as technicians or assistants, range from £12,500 to £16,000 per year, while experienced tree surgeons earn approximately £22,000. Tree surgeons who climb the ladder to senior management levels can pocket up to £30,000 per annum.

What Do You Need to Become a Sought-after Tree Surgeon?

There are no definite qualifications associated with becoming a tree surgeon. However, you can acquire the necessary skills through an apprenticeship plan, amass experience in a similar job such as a grounds worker, or pursue a course at college. You must be ready to build up a climbing experience, become dexterous with power tools, and know the necessary safety precautions. You can learn all these skills by serving as a trainee tree surgeon. Over time, you can build up a wide range of qualifications, including basic tree climbing, proficiency in chainsaw jobs, and aerial rescue certificates to the degree level.

Once you build up qualifications and relevant experience, you may start handling supervisory and managerial roles. You may also become a freelance tree surgeon, serving as a contractor for various corporations and local councils. Establishing your own business, training upcoming tree surgeons in a local college, and venturing into recreational tree climbing are other important options on your table.

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