What is the Cost of Tree Removal in Savannah, GA?

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Have you ever needed to get a tree removed from your property before? When you talk about services for tree removal, Savannah GA has quite a few that you can choose from. But just how much do these services usually cost? The answer is a little bit complicated. But let’s get the obvious out of the way first – smaller trees are cheap to remove. These are the kind of trees you can probably remove yourself, so there’s no point in getting a tree removal service to help you.

What is the Cost of Tree Removal in Savannah

But that alone should give you a clue as to how much you may need to spend when removing a tree. Depending on the size, the location, and the state of your tree, you may need to spend at least a couple hundred dollars to a thousand or more. Let’s review these factors.

Factors Affecting Tree Removal

Here are the most important factors affecting the cost of tree removal:


According to Roswell Tree Care, the first thing that you need to remember is that the bigger the tree, the more expensive it is to remove. That’s because taller trees are trickier to maneuver. Removal services will need to prepare the tools necessary to ensure it doesn’t damage properties when it falls. And it isn’t just the height of the tree that can be an issue. Trees with thicker trunks are also difficult to manage. Specialized cutting tools might become necessary in order to get through older trees with massive trunks. These two will be the primary forces driving the price of tree removal up.


We touched on this earlier, but it needs to be said that the location of the tree will also factor into its removal cost. This is because the tree removal service will need to be a little bit smarter in the process. For example: Is your tree surrounded by power lines or other properties? This might require the services to provide safety equipment and even heavy machinery to prevent branches, fallen sections, and other debris from affecting the surroundings. Or how about trees that are in difficult-to-access locations? This will definitely require the assistance of a specialist in the removal process, as well as safety equipment to keep the crew from getting hurt.

Tree health

Unhealthy trees can be easier to remove than healthier specimens. This can reduce the costs involved in its removal. Get the help of a tree specialist to help you assess just how healthy your tree is before you have tree services work on it.


Are you transplanting the tree? This process is more expensive. That’s because the tree removal service will need to provide equipment for the safe removal and transportation of the tree. Bare root removal (when the tree is completely removed from the soil) might be cheaper than earth-balling.

Emergency removal

Sometimes, accidents happen and you need to get a tree removed in a hurry. These are emergency tree removal situations and will be more expensive than a scheduled removal. That is because the tree services will have to quickly assemble the equipment and people they need, and make their way to you within the hour.

Removal of fallen trees

Since the tree service will not have to cut down the tree anymore, nor will they need to provide special equipment for this process, removing a fallen tree will be cheaper. The size of the tree will still matter, of course, but it won’t be as expensive as a full tree removal.

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General Costs

Having said that, how much do services for tree removal in Savannah GA usually cost? Here are a few ballpark figures.

By height

The rule of thumb is that anything shorter than 25 feet will cost less than $500. If the tree goes all the way up to 75 feet, then you can expect to shell out at most $1000. The really tall trees will cost at least $1500.

Difficult to access

Remember the accessibility issue discussed earlier? This is a safety and logistical issue that the tree services need to deal with. This can drive up the cost of your tree removal by up to 50%.

Additional services

Additional services like stump removal (yes, this isn’t free) and wood chipping or disposal will also add to the cost of the process. This will depend on the circumstances of your removal, and on the tree service you have chosen for the job.

When you need professional services in tree removal, Savannah GA’s Savannah Tree Pros is a good choice. These guys have been in the business for a while now, and have the experience needed to work on the trickiest tree removal job you may have. Find out more by visiting their website.

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