Tree Lopping & Alternative Methods of Tree Maintenance

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Like many other beautiful things we keep in our homes, trees need maintenance. Before you think that having a tree might cause an inconvenience and opt for a plastic one, there are many benefits of having a real tree. The main and the obvious one is that trees give off the oxygen we need to breath, plastic trees look too artificial and do not give you that natural habitat feel, and they ultimately decrease the temperature and make the house cooler, in both senses of the word.

Tree Lopping & Alternative Methods of Tree Maintenance

There are though some ways to take care of trees, especially those outside in your garden. Below are some ways to take care of your trees, whether by lopping, or alternative methods.

Tree Lopping / Pruning

Lopping or pruning a tree is a procedure done on trees where the branches and parts of trees are removed because they are diseased or so the tree could focus the nutrients on further growth rather on those parts. Lopping is cutting larger parts with a chainsaw, whereas pruning is more detailed and deals with smaller portions of the tree. If you want to get a better understanding of what kinds of services are offered by companies that specialize in caring for the trees then it’s important to get some research done.  According to, tree lopping may be considered hazardous to the health of trees by some, but cases where issues are found are usually those where the tree lopping is performed by the unqualified and inexperienced, and that’s why it’s crucial to either get a professional to do it or be well informed about the right way.

Soil testing

Much like houses, trees too thrive on a proper foundation. The right type of soil is very important for the tree’s survival. Sometimes the PH levels of the soil are off, or there is a deficiency in the minerals, whatever it is, the soil must be tested prior planting a tree and while it is already planted.


Given that many of us assume that just some water would be enough for a tree, more information is needed. Every tree has a different level of “right amount”. That mainly depends on the diameter of the trunk (the larger the more water needed), the age of the tree, the type of the tree, and where the tree is placed.

Tree Lopping & Alternative Methods of Tree Maintenance - watering

For example, if it is an old cypress tree, placed in an area that lacks water or has dry soil, then it might need to be watered more thoroughly.

Removing (Trees, Pests, and Diseases)

Sometimes trees can be very tricky to maintain. Williams Tree Pro provides services such as dangerous tree removal, the removal of pests, and diseases. Primarily, trees can be planted in areas which it would be very difficult to remove, especially if it is in a small area near the home. Pests and diseases are also other issues that would be very difficult to take care of on ones own since they need specific tools and measurements taken to remove.

Although the above sounds hectic, trees can really be worth the trouble. Besides the mentioned benefits, if you have a large garden, planting trees that grow fruits and vegetables can be very lively and fulfilling. With large trees, a tree-house could be built for all ages and in general it can create a very peaceful feeling whether indoors or outdoors.

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