Quick and easy wins for transforming your garden

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Even though the kitchen might be grabbing all of the headlines for being the so-called most valuable room in the house these days, let’s not forget the power that the garden possesses. If you have conducted any sort of research on selling your home, you’ve probably read all of the hype about curb appeal. In short, this is all about the first impressions that your home gives, and suffice to say your garden plays a big role in this.
quick and easy wins for transforming your garden

Of course, some people are just plainly proud of their garden, and today’s article is going to be just as appealing to them. We are now going to take a look at four easy ways you can boost the appearance of your garden, without spending a small fortune on transforming your garden.

Patch things up

Something else that is going to wreak havoc with your curb appeal is a patchy lawn. This just shouts out to every man and his dog that your garden hasn’t been touched, and probably isn’t going to be touched, for a very long time.

As such, even if you can’t afford to implement anything else, at least try and find a local company to service your lawn. Not only might those ugly brown patches be eliminated, but you might get some of that green lushness out of it which will do endless good to your curb appeal.

Great things come in threes

We’ve all heard about the cliché about great things coming in threes, but this really couldn’t be truer when it comes to how you accessorize your garden.

For now, we’ll talk about plants. If you feel as though your garden needs a real kick, turn to three plants of the same species and put them together. Herbaceous plants work the best in case, and by grouping these types together you’ll soon see the impact is much greater than if you were to buy separate, individual ones.

Quick and easy wins for transforming your garden - fence gate

Spruce up your pots

Sometimes, it’s just about making your pots look a little nicer on the eye. Sure, we may all spend a small fortune on buying plants, but what about the pots which they live in?

Quite often, they just grow old and unloved. A quick and easy way to make a real difference to your garden is to first try cleaning them, but if that fails just buy replacements. They don’t tend to be expensive, but having shiny pots will stand out a lot more than those dirty and neglected ones that haven’t been touched since the day of purchase.

Sometimes it’s not about plants or greenery

A lot of today’s guide has taken a look at the impact of plants and greenery. Of course, your garden is something that spans much further of this and if we look to the boundaries, your fence is something else that can give the whole appearance a real boost without the need of transforming your garden.

Quite often, fences are erected and never touched again. Considering the fact that this is one of the tallest elements of your garden, this is something that should be rectified. In the very worst cases replace it, but on the most part a lick of paint (and possibly a new color) will serve you well enough.

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