Transform Your Garden Into A Springtime Paradise

English author, Anita Krizzan, once said so beautifully, ‘Spring will come and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get warmer.’ In 2020, the promise of spring and the hope of a better tomorrow has never been quite so reassuring and hopeful as it is now. The world is transformed come springtime. Spring breathes life back into the natural world and if you’ve been planting a garden then this is when you’ll see it come to life. Watching a garden come into bloom is one of life’s pure joys.  To be able to sit in your own garden and see bees flit about fragrant lavender, marvel at the morning dew on a majestic magnolia or watch your lawn be blanketed by a layer of jacaranda flowers with their sweet smell and their hauntingly beautiful colour.

Transform Your Garden Into A Springtime Paradise

The beauty of spring is absolutely undeniable. So, you’d want to make sure you’re outside to make the most of the most magical season of the year. To help you transform your garden into a springtime paradise that you’d want to spend time in from dusk to dawn consider making these simple but seriously effect changes!

Gear up for some spring cleaning

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal basically, that means out with the old and in with the new. So you might need to clear the way for this newly transformed garden to spring to life. Pull out the weeds, uproot dead plants that have failed to thrive, throw away sad, old garden furniture – clean the slate! For help removing green-waste, you can call a reliable rubbish removal service such as 1300Rubbish that will take away your garden waste and dispose of it in an environmentally responsible way.

Go all-in for al fresco dining

In spring your garden puts on its very best show and you’ll want to make sure you’re outside to enjoy it as much as possible. To make the most of your outdoor space come springtime go all-in on al fresco dining. If you ask us, alfresco dining is the perfect springtime activity. There are few things better than a long lunch in a gorgeous garden, breathing in fragrant flowers, soaking in the sun. Your garden is beautiful and you’ve got to eat so why not combine the two activities to create something stellar. Europeans have been doing it for years with Parisien’s frequenting sidewalk cafes and picnicking by the Seine and Grecian’s flocking to beachside bars or eating flaky spanikopita as they walk down picturesque, history-marked cobblestoned laneways each bite being made sweeter by virtue of the beautiful surrounds.

So, do as the Europeans do, and take your meals to the garden. You might want to invest in an outdoor dining set because, while picnics are romantic, eating on the ground is cold, damp, murder on the knees and, overall, not as fun as it seems.  Head here to check out a wide range of high-quality, stylish outdoor dining sets. With two people dining sets that hint at romance to twelve seater outdoor dining sets for when you want to invite the masses over for a hit of banquet-style outdoor dining. Long lunches in luscious gardens with good food and great friends – what could be better!

Transform Your Garden Into A Springtime Paradise - amazing garden

Light the night

Come springtime, the sun isn’t setting quite as early and it’s more than tempting to stretch those long lunches into twilight drinks, cocktail hours, perhaps you’re even tempted to drag it into the wee hours of the next morning. But, when the sun goes down you need to make your own light luckily, there are plenty of great ways to keep the light alive. From lanterns, fairy lights to tea lights and mosaic coloured lights even solar-powered options – there are so many options that will suit your style and budget. For some design inspiration, head here to check out some tried and tested outdoor lighting ideas.

Reap what you sow

Audrey Hepburn once said ‘to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.’ Ms Hepburn was 100% correct. Spring is really all about your garden itself and watching the plants you’ve been nurturing all year round become as beautiful as ever. To learn what should you be planting to make sure your garden is blossoming in springtime – check out this guide.

Fall in love

Springtime is for lovers. Describing a daydream author E.E Cummings once said ‘Always it’s spring and everyone’s in love and flowers pick themselves.’ So spend some time outdoors with the ones you love this spring. Drink coffee together in the morning, surround yourself with friends and family, curl up by a fire pit and pat yourself on the back taking in the gorgeous springtime garden oasis you’ve created.


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