Track Saw vs. Table Saw: Which is Better for woodworking?

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I am guessing that if you are reading this post then you must be interested in woodwork. Usually, people who are interested in woodworking tools will never miss a saw. And as the expertise grows they realize woodwork has a variety of saws one can use. These saws include the track and table saw.

Track Saw vs. Table Saw

However, these two saws often confuse people. Most of the times, handy-men don’t know which saw to use where. They also don’t understand which preference to go with. Thankfully, we have the solution here. We are going to present a detailed comparison of the track saw vs table saw. So once you are done reading this post, you will be able to know which saw to go for when and where. Keep reading to find out what we have for you.


Looking at these two saws, there aren’t so many similarities to go by except for the following ones:

  • Both saws feature a fast-spinning circular blade
  • The blades are made of steel alloy.
  • Both tools are also used for woodworking.

These three points wrap up the similarities between these two great woodworking saws. Beyond these, there isn’t anything more.

Track Saw vs. Table Saw: Differences

On a closer, you should be able to notice the acute difference between the saws. I will highlight these differences to leave you with a better understanding of the saws. For starters, a track saw is portable and you can easily move it to where the material is. This is not possible with a table saw. Table saws are usually fixed on a work table and at a point so that their use is limited to the area of installation.

Next, if you have a top rated track saw you will be able to make long straight cuts. The cuts can be made faster and more importantly according to exact measurements. On the contrary table, saws don’t give precise cuts. They are unable to track exact measurements. However, unlike track saws, a table saw has a high-speed motor. The motor is usually mounted beneath the flat work table and has its blade protruding from within the table. The one design track saws don’t have.

Again unlike table saws that have no tracking pane and uses clamps to hold woodwork pieces in place, track saws don’t. The track saw comes with a track. The track is a distinctive feature that gives the saw its name. It eliminates any need for measurements or guesswork cuts and helps you to keep the material in place so you don’t have to use clamps. When making cuts with the table saw, the blade will rise out from within the table and fall back to control the depth every cut you make. However, when using a track saw you easily set the depth of the cuts you make.

Track Saw vs. Table Saw - track saw

More importantly, the track saw’s track helps you to align your piece with the line that you want to cut. That’s why it makes cleaner cuts than the table saw. Table saws have no tracking pane that aligns cuts before you take them. In addition to that, table saws might sometime leave splinters at the end of cuts. But track saws will give you smooth and splinter-free cuts. Track saws are also ideal as a plunge saw as you can always set precise depth easily. The same cannot be said of a table saw. That’s why track saws are best for sub-flooring and wood flooring.

The size and nature of the track saw is also ideal. It is small, portable, and an ideal tool for tight spaces.  This is unlike the table saw which requires large space to install and which are fixed to a point. Unfortunately, track saws will take longer to set up. You will need to make pencil marks before cuts, align the track on the line and also hook up your dust collector.  This is unlike a table saw that you only need to set the fence and make your cut. Yet again, unlike a table saw that’s best for heavy cuts with no exact measurements, a track saw is good for cutting trims, making splinter-free cuts and ripping boards.

Finally, the table saw is a powerful tool that will work best on cutting thick pieces of wood. It can cut through hardwood and larger volumes of woods. The track saw, on the other hand, is best for ripping boards and cutting smaller planks.

Track Saw vs. Table Saw - track saw - table saw

Additional Tips

When it comes to Track Saw vs. Table Saw here is the baseline that you should understand for both saws. It summarizes everything you need to know and helps you to make the best choice if you love DIY woodworking.

Track Saw

If you are a DIY woodworker then I know you might need long, precise, and fast cuts. Plus I know you won’t have lots of stationery at home jobs. Therefore, you will need a saw you can easily carry around for cuts away from your at-home workshop. And these are great reasons to invest in a track saw.

Table Saw

The table saw is usually for a more experienced DIY woodworker. It is a great tool to turn to if you intend to make the most cuts in the shortest time possible. It is this versatility that makes it a handy tool for any woodworker. This saw is ideal for numerous rip cuts or when you want to prepare large volumes of identical cut pieces faster. If you’re an experienced woodworker you should choose the best table saw for your needs rather than a track saw.


There is always the right type of saw for any cut you need. That’s why it’s important to understand the saws you have and how they work. It is never a bad idea to own several saws in your woodworking toolkit yet it isn’t possible to have every one of them too.

Choosing the right saw is therefore very important. It depends on the type of materials you want to cut and also the type of cuts you want to make. And that’s the absolute difference between any saws including track saw vs table saw. So good luck the next time you choose.

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