Trace and Access: Why You Need it?

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Escape of water can cause a lot of damage in your home or even business premises. Finding out that water has been leaking for a while can ruin your day’s activities. This is because you will have the peace of mind to work effectively, bearing in mind the kind of damage caused by a water leak. But if you have trace & access cover in your business premises or apartment, you have nothing to worry about. They will trace the source of the leak and have it fixed.

Trace and Access

But if you have never bothered to buy the cover, you will face more challenges. Some insurance firms tend to remove the trace and access services from their home insurance policies. Thus, it is a wise idea to find out if it is included in the policy before you even commit your bucks. The trace and access services have multiple benefits. Thus, it is a must you check if it is included in the home insurance policy or buy it as a policy on its own. But before going through the said benefits, it would be nice to define what this cover is.

Definition of trace & access cover

This is a cover offered to take care of water leaks on your premises. Remember, water leakage can cause serious water damage in your house. Thus, it would be best if you never overlooked any small signs of escaping water. It is usually an inclusion in most home insurance policies. However, it is never a guarantee that you should assume it is included. Some never include it. Thus, it pays to make sure you have asked if it is included or not. Besides, you should make sure you purchase home insurance cover that includes the trace and cover policy.

You must understand what it protects as described in the policy document. In most cases, it does not cover you against any form of damage caused by washers, taps, corroded pipes, radiators, or even leaking toilets. Besides, if the damp course in your house fails, you will be protected against any damage resulting from it. Similarly, if your home is invaded by water due to poor maintenance practices, this cover will not give you any form of protection. In short, the trace & access cater for tracing the source of the leak.

What are the Benefits of a trace and access policy?

It is never an easy task to successfully trace the source of water escape. Before you could even notice the escaping water, it might have traveled a fair distance. Thus, the spot you see it is not always the exact problematic area. The leaking pipe may be under the floor or in the plasterboards. Thus, it is hard for you to find it out. The fact that you cannot see the covered pipes that could be leaking makes it hard for you to stop the leakage.

The trace and access policy benefit you in various ways, as revealed below:

  • It caters for the cost of finding the exact point of the leak
  • It helps prevent an increase in water bills
  • It helps prevent damage to household goods
  • It also helps prevent mold infestation
  • You do not have to pay for fixing any water leaks in your home
  • They cover for any damage caused during the tracing process.

What if you do not have the cover?

You will have to splash a few bucks to the tradesman, who will help you find the exact leak position. Besides, the tracing process may involve ripping off the cute tiles and wall plasters or even ceilings. The damage caused in the entire process is up to you to buy the damaged materials and someone to restore them. You will have spent a lot of money to settle the leakage problem. But if you had the Trace and Access cover, they would have done it for you.

Trace and Access - repairing pipes

They would trace the faulty area and fix it. Besides, they will restore all the parts of your floor, wall, or ceiling that get damaged during the entire process. As you can relate, the cover can save you big time and money. Peace of mind will be your mate if you have the cover. But if you do not have it, you will have to restore the walls that had to be broken into tracing the leak.

In summary: Without the cover, you will have to cater for:

  • The entire leak work
  • The labor to fix it plus the few materials required
  • And you will have to spend on the restoration of the broken wall, floors, replace the tiles removed and even establish a new wall where it had to be broken.

Bottom Word

The trace and access services are suitable for everyone who owns a house. It would help if you never waited for a leak to occur so that you could shop for it. Make sure you have the cover right from the day you buy or build your home. It has several benefits. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of money in the process of tracing the leak, fixing it, and restoring all the damaged parts.

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