Top Tech for the Perfect Brew

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As those homebrewing skills begin to improve, you’ll want to add some new gear to the process like the great canonical fermenters for homebrewing. Although basic home brewing kits have everything needed for the process, it is only natural to add more tech to your setup over time. These extra tools will help you improve your brewing in many ways. Some tech allows for more precise measurements, and other tools will help speed up the brewing time. Increasing your arsenal of homebrewing tools will only make the process more fun and effective.
Top Tech for the Perfect Brew

Here are some of the top tech to consider when looking to make the perfect brew.

Brix Refractometer

Wort is one of the most important components of homebrewing. Your wort’s gravity must be measured specifically to ensure the brew will ferment properly. Most beginners start with a hydrometer for measuring the ratio of the wort’s density in comparison to the water. However, upgrading to a device known as a refractometer can offer greater precision and control. With a refractometer, you have the ability to monitor the conversion of starch as it happens. The Brix Refractometer also includes a temperature compensator that will provide the most accurate readings possible. This gadget measure results in their own Brix scale as well as the standard measurement for wort gravity.

Blichmann Inline Oxygenation Kit

There’s an old adage that homebrewers pass down through each generation: “Brewers make wort. Yeast makes beer”. While this may not really be a popular saying, there is some truth to the statement. As a brewer, you are responsible for making the wort as best as possible. The rest of the process is reliant upon the yeast. To successfully turn wort into beer, yeast needs plenty of oxygen, a calm environment and a solution that is rich in nutrients and sugars. It’s important to add air to your yeast before the brewing process actually begins. The Blichmann Inline Oxygenation Kit simplifies this process by allowing brewers complete control over the oxygen levels that enter their wort.

Top Tech for the Perfect Brew - barrels

Marks Bottle Washer

Every homebrewer dreads the time spent cleaning their tools. After all, you didn’t get into this hobby to have to do more cleaning. Fortunately, there is a solution that can help reduce the amount of time spent scrubbing bottles. The Mark II Corny Keg and Carboy Washer automatically rinses and cleans dozens of bottles at once. Gone are the days of having to jab at your bottles with a brush. While this gadget is running, you can quickly scrub the brewing bucket and be back to the brewing process in no time. Each bottle is placed on a nozzle that squirts enough water to clear any debris or residue that was left over from previous uses. This is also a great way to save money by reusing beer bottles again and again.

Heating Mat

Fermentation is the most important process of homebrewing. This is the stage when the yeast mixes with the wort in order to create the brew of choice. Temperature is an important factor during the fermentation process that many homebrewers struggle to control. Utilizing a chiller helps to solve this problem by ensuring that the beer temperature is controlled. As a brewer, you’ll no longer have to waste time worrying about the temperature of the room. Chillers allow you to ensure the temperature is perfect for the best brew possible. It is also possible to adjust the temperature during the brewing process if necessary.

Brewing is one of the oldest traditions in the world. For thousands of years, people have enjoyed the process of experimenting with different brews to create something unique and tasty. Today, this activity is more possible than ever with the advanced technology at your disposal. While homebrewing kits will have all of the basics covered, there are many additional gadgets and pieces of tech that can make this process much smoother and easier and help you to make the perfect brew!

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