How To Choose The Top Rated Roofers In New Mexico

Foolproof roofing is integral to your property’s structural security. This is why you must always choose an established roofing company with a successful track record to take on your roofing project. From certifications to licensing and insurance, top-rated roofers in New Mexico meet a variety of criteria. When searching the internet for ‘Roofing Company New Mexico,’ keep in mind that the best providers will be transparent about their services. Whether you need information regarding roofing warranties or price estimates, top-rated roofers will answer all your questions with confidence.

How To Choose The Top Rated Roofers In New Mexico

But how do you choose the best contractor for your project? In this article, we’ll share guidelines you can follow to hire a top-rated roofer to work on your New Mexico property.

1. Go Local

Hiring a local New Mexico roofing contractor provides a host of benefits. For starters, if you encounter problems after a roofing project, you can easily visit their office and voice your concerns. In contrast, you might either struggle to get in contact with your roofer, or wait a long time before the issues can be addressed if you hire someone outside the state. Steer clear of fly-by contractors. They’re nomads who usually move between towns and states and go wherever there are potential projects for them. Even if they offer a five-year warranty, it won’t do you any good if you can’t reach them. Moreover, it’s increasingly hard to develop a long-lasting business relationship with a roofer who is not stationed locally. Therefore, make sure your roofing candidate is well established in your community before hiring.

2. Check The BBB And Other Online Review Platforms

Always study company history on the Better Business Bureau’s website (BBB). It’s a great resource for checking a company’s reputability for every region in the US, including New Mexico.

If your roofer isn’t listed on the BBB website, consider it a red flag. This is often the case with ‘stormtroopers’. They work out of their trucks and move between different localities to pick up available projects and then vanish.

Top-rated roofers also have a dedicated website showcasing client testimonials from their locality and other company information to give prospective customers information about their services. Other platforms you can check out for reviews include:
• Angie’s List.
• Yelp.

Online reviews are as reliable as personal recommendations, so long as they’re impartial and unpaid. You can easily use these to determine the benefits and drawbacks of working with different roofing contractors.

3. Check Certifications

Your roofing needs will determine the roofer you choose. To stay on the safe side, make sure your roofing contractor is certified to work with various roofing materials and designs. Upstanding roofing contractors will have no problems sharing their certifications to prove that they’re qualified to meet your project requirements.
Roofing certifications also influence your warranty. If a contractor isn’t certified to use a particular material, that material’s warranty will be useless. Some certifications to look out for include:
• Duro-Last PVC products require that approved contractors work with their products.
• Coating Certification show your contractor can correctly apply paints and other coatings.
• Owens Corning produces high-quality materials and gives certifications to approved contractors.
• Master Shingle gives certification after a contractor completes their program for shingle installation techniques.
• GAF is America’s largest roofing manufacturer and gives certifications to approved contractors.

How To Choose The Top Rated Roofers In New Mexico - roofers

4. Verify The Roofing Process

Reliable New Mexico roofers will go out of their way to walk you through every step of the roofing process. This will help you manage expectations and form realistic timelines.
For most roofers, this is what a roofing job entails in chronological order:
• Contract signing.
• Material ordering.
• Scheduling construction.
• Workforce arrival.
• Removal of obsolete roofing.
• Assessment.
• Repair.
• Installation of ventilation, shingles, and other parts.
• Clean up.

5. Request Proof Of Insurance

If a New Mexico roofing contractor is working on your property and doesn’t have insurance, it can cause serious financial trouble if something goes wrong during the project. If, for example, a worker experiences an injury on the job, you’ll have to cover their losses out of your own pocket. Top-rated roofers have insurance policies in place to cover potential injuries and structural damage to the property. And if they refuse to take responsibility in either case, you will enjoy state protection for a lawsuit against the contractor. But if you work with an uninsured contractor, the responsibility falls on you and the state will not help you in a lawsuit. Thus, ensure your roofer has insurance coverage, including worker’s compensation and liability.

6. Ask For A Written Estimate

Any contractor that either doesn’t offer or refuses to give you a written estimate should be a red flag for you. It’s best to have all verbal promises on paper before a roofing project starts on your premises. This will protect you from long-term price changes and other fluctuations. Besides, an experienced roofing contractor will typically stay within a reasonable margin of their original estimate.

Final Thoughts

Always choose professional roofing contractors that go the extra mile to prove their business reputability and workmanship. Following the above guidelines will help you make informed choices and keep budgeting as tight as possible. You’ll also have the peace of mind that your roofing contractor has insurance and certifications to prevent any unwanted legal and financial troubles.

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