Top Plumbing Trends in 2020

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Coronavirus has changed our world and many different aspects of our lives. What’s more, many things will probably never be the same, and that includes specific industries. One of them is plumbing and other home services. But let’s stick to plumbing. It may not have suffered too much during the lockdown, but specific trends will definitely stick with the industry for the rest of 2020, and it’s crucial to know about them.

Top Plumbing Trends in 2020

Here are the top plumbing trends in 2020.

The Importance of Being Visible Online

The importance of reliable and efficient online visibility has been increasing since the introduction of the internet, and plumbing services are no exception. During the lockdown, it has become even more significant because people are spending more time online when they have to stay home. When a client types, for example, a phrase like ‘plumbing Chicago,’ they demand specific and reliable information. And the better the site, the higher it’s going to rank. The higher it ranks, the more people will visit the page. That’s why an online reputation is vital if you own a plumbing business.

It includes not only the website itself but also the opinions people leave online. They’re often a reason why clients choose some companies over others. It’s the trend that has been present for the last couple of years, and the coronavirus outbreak has shown its importance. The companies that struggled the most were the ones without reliable websites. Hence, keep in mind that if you want to attract more clients to your plumbing services, online visibility is now, during the pandemic, even more significant than before.

Masks and Protection

We might be after the first wave of the coronavirus outbreak, but it’s impossible to say what the future holds. That’s why certain precautions are still alive and well, and masks are the perfect example. All plumbers who visit your house must wear protective masks, and there are no exceptions. You should always make sure that the plumbing service company you choose provides its workers with all the necessary protective equipment. And if you’re a plumber yourself, you better get used to wearing a mask. This particular trend is likely going to stick with us for a little while.

Increased Water Consumption Awareness

People are becoming more aware of how much water and energy they use and how they can minimize it. If you want to make sure you don’t waste too much water, you should look for efficient plumbing installations and equipment. And if you’re a plumber, thinking about it is your best shot to earn more money. The good idea is to specialize in installing modern toilets, showers, and other pieces of plumbing that reduce water waste. What’s more, with the growing awareness of global warming, we can be sure that this trend will stick with the industry for a more extended period, or maybe even forever.

Top Plumbing Trends in 2020 - plumber

Solar-Powered Water Heating Solutions

People are constantly trying to improve their energy efficiency, and from that need, solar power has emerged. And that trend doesn’t only relate to energy itself but also plumbing. Solar-powered water heaters are getting popular, and it looks like they’re the future of the industry. Unfortunately, there are not many plumbing companies specializing in such installations, as it’s still a niche. Nevertheless, the number of heaters that use solar energy is growing every year, and it’s going to grow even more in the near future, so it’s worth familiarizing yourself with that improvement.

Self-Maintaining Technology

One of the crucial innovations in the plumbing industry is a self-maintaining technology with the use of artificial intelligence to alert the house owners about potential problems, like leaks. On the one hand, it can make the plumber’s job easier, as it locates the leak or any other malfunction and shows where it is. But on the other hand, it means that plumbers need to educate themselves and learn to work with such systems. Smart technologies are slowly getting more recognition, and they’re one of the trends that will keep on developing.

Increasing Number of Smart Homes

Everything is smart nowadays, including homes. With the use of online technology, we can easily monitor and analyze what’s going on in our houses. And since plumbing is an integral part of every home, the industry has to keep up with the trend.

But how exactly does smart technology influence plumbing? One of them has already been mentioned in the article- self-maintaining pipes. But there are plenty of other examples, like online water consumption monitoring, or voice-activated features. That’s why, to stay up to date, plumbers will have to learn more about technological aspects to improve their work and be more reliable and efficient.


The importance of plumbing is undeniable. But it’s much more than just fixing pipes and old toilets. The industry is evolving, and specific trends will have a significant impact in the future. The traditional meaning of the word plumber is slowly falling by the wayside, as the industry demands more technological knowledge from the people who work in it. The future lies in online and smart technology, and more and more plumbing companies realize that nowadays. The demand for plumbers may keep increasing, but so does the competition. And the companies that fail to adapt will lose the fight.

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