Top Home Facade Designs

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The façade of your home is generally the first thing that someone notices when visiting. Of course, when you purchase a house the façade is already in place. But, there are plenty of designs you can adopt that will transform the façade and the look of your home. You simply need to decide which one appeals to you the most. Of course, as with most industries, times and looks change. If you’re considering upgrading your façade then you’re going to want to know what the latest trends are.

Top Home Facade Designs

It’s also worth considering getting expert help, a reputable facade engineering firm will help you to understand what options are available for your home, helping you to ensure it looks as good as it possibly can.

Wood Cladding

This is a traditional approach to the façade of your home but it is one that has been revolutionized in recent years. Wood facades are now available in a huge array of colors and can be made from recycled or reclaimed products. While still being wood this type of façade will tell the world that you’re thinking about the environment while enjoying a stylish finish to your home.

Composite Materials

Taking your environmental concerns a little further you can choose to use composite cladding, this is currently a very popular option. Composite simply means it’s made up of a variety of products, in fact, most of these types of cladding are between 80-90% recycled materials. In short, you’re going to have great looking rubbish stuck to your home!

Top Home Facade Designs - wood


Metal facades are common in industrial applications but it is only recently the focus has switched the residential market. Metal panels are treated and can be provided in a huge array of colors, they’ll last for years and can be created in a variety of different shapes, allowing you to change and transform the façade of your home. The metal used is generally recycled and, if used in conjunction with one of the other options, can create a beautiful, slightly mysterious, and futuristic looking house.


Allowing light into buildings is very important. Bright spaces make people feel more cheerful and positive, dark spaces have the opposite effect. This, combined with the fact that glass products are now good insulators, means that many people are using an increasing level of glass in their façade designs. Of course, you’ll need to consider privacy levels but the glass façade can be a very attractive option.

Cement or Natural Stone

You don’t need to build a home with natural stone to achieve the same finish. That’s the beauty of façade design, it can mimic anything without having to cost the same as actually building with stone. Mixing this façade with glass provides a great way to give your home a modern and stylish façade that will look good for years to come. It’s a great blend of the old and the new, emphasizing your willingness to look forward, even if you appear to be stuck in the past.

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