Top Benefits of PVC Valves

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A PVC valve is an important part to transport your drinking water, drain it properly, and support the fire-sprinkler system in buildings. PVC valves are a great choice when adding a valve that is safe, durable, sustainable, and affordable. PVC valves are durable thanks to its high resistance to corrosion. They are safe to use to transport drinkable water due to the valves being free of contaminants such as bacteria and parasites. Recently, more and more companies are replacing PVC valves that contain lead-based stabilizers with compounds that make the water safe to drink and more beneficial to your health.

Top Benefits of PVC Valves

PVC valves are extremely durable and can last for over 100 years in underground conditions. Aside from its durability, PVC valves are the most affordable option to invest your money into.

What are PVC valves used for?

PVC valves are considered the most versatile types of piping and they are used for different functions all over the world. Metal piping used to a common choice until plastic valves were introduced into the market. PVC valves have minimized the risks of thermal expansions and it works for warm or cold water. PVC valves are often used for the sewage and water mains due to its ability to last for a long time. They are also easy to install, super light, durable, sustainable, strong, and can be recycled. PVC valves have a very smooth surface that allows the water to run through faster and reduces any friction. When you compare PVC valves you will notice how some materials such as cast iron or concrete can have slower water flow. They also come in different sizes, lengths, and thickness. They are made by using raw material pellets or powder and adding heat to melt it enough to shape it into a valve. After the valve is shaped, they start to cool it to hold the right size. The last step is cutting the cooled PVC valve into the desirable length.

What are the benefits of using a PVC valve?

A PVC valve has so many benefits for your health, your home, and the environment. Here are the top beneficial properties of PVC valves:

Resistance to chemicals

PVC valves are highly durable when it comes to many elements, but especially chemical reagents and disinfectant chemicals. The materials used for these valves are able to fight against strong acids, fluorides, brine, alkalis, aqueous solutions, mineral oils, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and photographic or plating solutions.

Leakage free

PVC valves completely stop any water loss thanks to its leakage free joints. It has materials that can seal very well and eliminate any amount of water leaking through it.

Faster installation time

Installing PVC valves is a lot faster than any other types that are made from different materials. A test was done to see how much time it takes to install PVC valves and they discovered that it takes 3 hours while other valves take 5 hours to install.

Corrosion resistance

Water pipelines have to deal with different types of corrosion that makes the water unsafe to drink such as old iron valves material flowing through it. Having valves underground makes them very vulnerable to all types of corroding metals both internally and externally. A PVC valve is the only kind that can handle corrosion and remain resistant to it. It also prevents valves from bursting with water that leads to impacting your home and the roads you live nearby. A survey discovered that PVC valves are the only kind that has the lowest break when compared to concrete, steel, iron, and cement valves.

Top Benefits of PVC Valves - valves

Flexible and heavy duty

PVC valves are the best choice for the underground due to its ability to handle heavy loads and have properties that allow it to flex without breaking. When heavy traffic and soil weight runs through other valves such as rigid valves that are made of concrete, ceramic, or clay can break due to its inability to flex. Other materials bring the risk of wall crushing and collapsing when a heavy load is going through it. Each valve has a certain load limit or else it can break, and PVC valves do not have such limits.

More affordable

One of the most common benefits of using PVC valves is how it will save you a lot of money, especially when you consider the costs of installation, how long they last, and the reduced chances of the valves breaking or needing maintenance. PVC valves provide a long lasting function that makes it more efficient when it is being used, as well as reducing any amount of costly damages that can happen if the valve breaks or leaks. The lower costs also come from how inexpensive the PVC materials are to make valves, how quickly it can be installed which reduces the amount of money you have to spend for hourly manual labor, and the light weight that makes transportation a lot less pricey.

Longer life expectancy

PVC valves have proven throughout the years that they can last for over 100 years. Other materials used to make PVC valves are most likely to break from the constant water running through it and eventually they will need maintenance. PVC valves can resist corrosion, which allow it to live a lot longer than other kinds.

Better water flow

The smooth surface of PVC valves allows water to run though faster and more efficient. The high flow rates of PVC piping also minimize the maintenance costs due to blockage or failure to deliver water. Studies have found that slow water flow can create problems such as failure to provide proper water pressure and build up in water waste. PVC valves reduce pipeline blockage issues, which can be very costly and damaging to your home.

Resistant to tree root intrusion

Tree roots can penetrate some valves such as clay valves and that will result in damaging the entire piping system. PVC valves are the most resistant to tree root intrusion thanks to its flexibility and tight fit.

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