Top 5 reasons to use a Buyers Agent

Buying a house can be a very confusing and daunting process. There’s the financial side of getting approved for a loan. Then there’s all the time and research you need to put in for finding the right house. Anyone with a busy work life will agree that it’s hard juggling your time around working and finding the perfect home.

Top 5 reasons to use a Buyers Agent

Not everyone has the time to research and inspect houses every weekend. Some people simply need assistance when it comes to looking for houses and searching through listings correctly. Others need assistance when it comes to negotiating the price of a property. It’s hard to know when to put in a private offer or bid on a house at auction.

This is where a Buyers Agent comes in handy. Buyers Agents are professionals who are dedicated to doing all the hard work for you. These real estate professionals can research houses on the market that suit your needs. They can visit these houses when they’re open for inspection and provide you with detailed reports. Buyers Agents can also bid for at live auctions or put in private offers for any houses up for private sale. So there are many advantages to using the services of a Buyers Agent. Let’s explore these advantages with our top five reasons for choosing a Buyers Agent.

1.   Better experience, better cut through

Buyers Agents are extremely well informed. They know exactly what questions to ask you and what to look for in a property. They might even think of desirable house features you haven’t even thought of yet. They can bring you constructive criticism and a view that isn’t clouded by emotions. Too often than not it’s easy to get too emotionally invested in a property and not see some obvious flaws. An Agent looks for properties everyday. They will always have  a better view to see drawbacks or faults of a property that you didn’t notice. The same can be said for terms of the sale.

Alternatively, a Buyers Agent may also see more of the hidden benefits of a property that you didn’t notice at first glance. An Agent’s experience proves that you have a real champion on your side. They’re someone you’ll need in a market that’s full of tough competition and many twists and turns along the way.

2.   Local insights

Many Buyers Agents tend to stick to the same areas. You could call them local area experts because that’s exactly what they are. They will always be well researched when it comes to these suburbs. This knowledge allows them to give you honest and accurate advice. So when a property is overvalued for what it is, they’ll tell you. If there are any local developments in the pipeline, they’ll let you know. More often than not, a nearby development could have a negative effect on a property. Especially if you intend to use it as an investment property. You’ll always be better off getting advice from someone who’s been there and done that multiple times over. Most Buyers Agents have already been involved with hundreds of local property sales in the areas you’re looking at.

3.   Doing all the groundwork for you

You can’t always be in the area you’re looking to buy. You may even be looking at suburbs that are interstate. If this is your scenario, then it really helps to have someone on the ground representing you. A Buyers Agent can be there for you when you need them the most. Buyer’s Agents are more than happy to attend meetings and inspections on your behalf when it comes to properties. You can trust your Agent to act on your behalf when it comes to all activities associated with finding and enquiring about properties. They can attend all the house searching activities that you can’t.

Top 5 reasons to use a Buyers Agent - agent

4.   Less pressure on you

It can be very time consuming and stressful when it comes to buying a property. The entire process can take months of constant stress. That’s why having a Buyers Agent is a real blessing. You could be tied up with some important work or personal matters. While you’re busy dealing with the daily routine of your life your Buyers Agent can be working behind the scenes. You can trust that they will be busy coordinating schedules, negotiating traffic and fussing over fine print when they search for your ideal property. Having a Buyers Agent means there’s less pressure on you. During business hours your Buyers Agent is out there working hard to get the property you want. They will perform all the necessary tasks required and filter down all the important information you need to know.

5.   A valuable network at their disposal

An excellent Buyers Agent will have strong working relationships with professionals across the board. It’s likely they know other local agents, solicitors, mortgage brokers and even tradespeople if you ever need them. Your agent will already have a wide network of people you can rely on. So for example, the property you buy might need renovating. In this case your agent can find local and reliable tradesmen to get the renovation work done for you. Your agent can even arrange for inspectors to come in and assess the place to see if any repairs are required.

If you’re looking to buy an investment property, your agent could even help organise property management for you. All of these services a Buyers Agent can offer will help you make a smoother, less stressful transition to property ownership. Looking for more great real estate advice? Visit to Wise Real Estate Advice today.

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