List of Amazing Tools for Your Online Business Stack

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Operating a small business in this era of high technology influence is a very costly endeavor, especially for entrepreneurs who can not afford to take any risks. This means that you will need to be more careful in reviewing all critical decisions your team wants to make before making them. Selecting and utilizing the proper software for your business is no different. Luckily, there is software such as Field Pulse that offers premium plans which can be updated gradually.

List of Amazing Tools for Your Online Business Stack

Even if you plan to scale out of the small business category in the future, it is important to check out a few tools that you can currently use to help your staff; boost retention rates, acquire new users, and offer quality customer service.

What Tools are Suitable for Online Business Stack?

When it comes to creating a marketing stack, the idea is to create one that your SaaS needs rather than keeping up with the latest trends. There is no need to have a tool for every one of your business’s functions. Therefore, you should only use tools that solve problems and improve team efficiency. Here are a few tools to consider: 

Buzzsumo: This software is the best for unearthing the most shared content across all social media networks. Buzzsumo achieves this by getting content alerts concerning; authors,         keywords, and domains. Moreover, it puts all the vital data at your fingertips

Moz Pro: This software focuses on improving both your rankings and search engine visibility. It also allows you to compare your desktop vs. mobile rankings

Snapchat: Snapchat is an application that allows brands to interact with customers and use short video clips to increase brand awareness. Since Snapchat is America’s second-favorite social network platform, using it as a tool introduces your product to a larger pool of potential buyers

HappyFox: This software takes care of all inbound requests in one ticketing system. On top of that, it allows your service reps to contact multiple individuals through the same organization concerning a resolution. HappyFox offers a secure help desk with 24/7 support and SSL integration at no extra cost, unlike other help desk companies

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Appcues: Appcues will enable you to create a personalized user experience. It is a highly recommended software since it helps non-developers conduct experiments to better your activation strategy. The targeting capabilities that appcues has will allow you to present the right experience to the right user at the appropriate time

Crazy Egg: Crazy Egg gives your team a glimpse of what visitors specifically do on your website. Crazy Egg has a Confetti tool that comes in handy for; distinguishing your clicks, segmenting them by referral sources and search terms

Formstack: This software makes it possible for you to gather customer data. With its A/B testing feature, you can determine what elements convert at higher rates. As a bonus, its Social Autofill component allows your users to autofill form fields using social profiles

CoSchedule: This software supplies you with a drag-and-drop marketing calendar that helps you; plan, publish, and promote your business without having to go through any strenuous processes

Vero: Vero allows you to sync with your user’s routines and send emails depending on time zones. Moreover, it empowers your team to combine conditions and segment users to send targeted campaigns

Take an Initiative

Most businesses are often wary when it comes to experimenting with different tool options, but these tools make your team work efficiently. When choosing your online business stack tools, you must first consider how the tool will eliminate your company’s problems.

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