The day when you find yourself in a situation that you don’t have the proper solution for is bound to come. You can never be prepared for everything life throws at you, though you can definitely try to be! Having the right tools is key to working out any situation. Whether you own a home, rent a space, or live with your parents, there are some tools and nifty gadgets that you must have for yourself. Some tools are must-haves for minor fixes while others can simply make your life just a little bit easier. Trying to remember everything that is important to have, however, is next to impossible when you are doing it on your own.

Tools You’ll Find Yourself Using Every Day

To be more prepared for life’s challenges, these five tools and gadgets could get you out of almost any sticky situation or just help you feel more comfortable every day.

Utility Knife

Some of the most simple items can make a big difference in daily tasks. You might not realize it, but a utility knife can come in handy in multiple situations. While you might prefer scissors when you are home, a compact knife could actually get the job done more accurately. Scissors are not transportable, while a utility knife can fold up and fit in a pocket or purse. Making an accurate cut is vital for creating perfect edges and smooth shapes. A knife like this can also be used for more than just cutting paper.

They are effective for crafting, construction, and even for hunting and fishing. Utility knives are so versatile that you will find yourself using one every day. Unlike scissors, utility knives easily fold to keep the blade hidden away. This makes them safer, and they do often have sharper blades. While you might forget about something that seems so small, a utility knife could actually change how you complete the tasks you do every day for the better.

The Classic Screwdriver

No matter who you are or what your living situation is, something you have is bound to require the use of a screwdriver. Loose handles, items with battery compartments, or hanging pictures on a nail are all everyday tasks that could not be completed without the right screwdriver. The complicated part about buying a screwdriver is that there are so many different shapes and sizes to choose from. Luckily, they do tend to come in sets so you can be prepared with every shape you might need.

If you don’t want a big set of every screwdriver imaginable, having your standard few will be just enough to help with the tasks you have to complete. A Phillips head, flathead, and Torx screwdriver should complete your toolbox. Screwdrivers make the ultimate multipurpose tool for the DIYer or just the typical homeowner. Make sure your toolbox is stocked with the ones that you need.

Tools You’ll Find Yourself Using Every Day - screwdrivers

A Smart Thermostat

Equipping your home with the hottest technologies can make a huge difference in the way you live. You will find yourself using the gadgets you love daily because of how simple they are to enjoy. A smart thermostat is one tool you will no doubt use every day to maintain the perfect temperature in your house. What makes these thermostats so unique is their ability to be controlled via smartphone! You just download the app and can adjust the temperature of your home from anywhere, any time.

Smart thermostats tend to save energy because they can sense when the temperature reaches the point you set it to accurately. Another cool feature of these devices is their ability to notify you of the weather. You can check your thermostat before determining just what outfit you should wear that day. You can make your daily life simpler and more tech-friendly with a smart thermostat to keep your house warm.

Key Organizer

If you have keys, you probably also have a bulky keychain that is loud and takes up space in your pocket or purse. Keychains make it difficult to find the key you need because they tend to get disorganized. There is another way to carry your keys that is more effective using a key organizer. Key organizers are slim and compact yet can hold all the keys your average keychain might be able to. You easily slide all the keys you carry into place in the key organizer. There are often attachments for bulky car keys that might not slide into the contraption, so you can still keep them all in one safe place!

There are multiple styles to choose from depending on the colors you like or how many keys you need to carry. If you don’t know where to find the right key organizer for you, Cool Things Chicago created a lengthy list of some of the best options. Do a little searching to decide which key organizer can suit your daily needs best. If you’re looking for a simple solution check out this the best keychain multitool of 2020 review.

Portable Charger

Our phones keep us connected at all times of the day, including when we are on the run. Long days out and about mean limited access to outlets for charging purposes, potentially leaving you without a phone for some time. A dead phone is useless, so staying charged up is a must! If you know you won’t have a charger or outlet all day, you might find a portable charger useful. Portable chargers don’t need to be plugged into to juice up your phone. You plug the phone into the charger and it will bring your battery back to life!

Some portable chargers are even completely wireless, allowing you to charge your phone without even plugging it in as long as it is close to the charger. You don’t have to worry about a bulky device plugged into your phone, either. Many are super small, some even attaching to key organizers! Before heading out for a long day, make sure the portable charger is fully charged up to make the most use of it. With how easy they are to use, there is no reason you shouldn’t try a portable charger out. Any of these tools and gadgets can make simple daily tasks just a little more enjoyable.