Tips for updating your bathroom

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Tired of seeing the same bathroom design you’ve had for years? Do you want something different but don’t have the time nor the budget for a complete renovation? Maybe what you need is a bath update. You can actually change the look of your bathroom entirely without spending much. In this article, we’ll list few simple tips for updating your bathroom and you can do this without breaking the bank.

Tips for updating your bathroom

Paint your tiles

Did you know that there’s a type of paint that’s made explicitly for wall tiles? This can be a great alternative to tiling your bathroom which will undoubtedly cost you a pretty penny. There are two kinds of paint you can choose from:

Epoxy Paint – Epoxy paint is durable and hard-wearing. You would need to apply about two coats of epoxy paint on your tiles to get a good finish. The disadvantage of epoxy paint is that it’s somewhat tricky for a non-skilled person to paint on. It also has a limited color selection available.

Latex Paint – Latex is easier to apply than epoxy paint although not as durable as the latter. You’d need a bonding primer first before applying the latex wall paint. Whichever kind of paint you use, remember to prepare the tiles completely for painting by cleaning, sanding, and wiping them off.

Update your lighting fixtures

The lighting fixtures in a room can completely change its whole look and feel. You can make the ceiling the primary focus of your room by installing an elegant hanging fixture or, you can layer different kinds of light units together. Make sure to avoid cold lighting and yellow bulbs because natural and simulated natural light would look best in any room.

Tips for updating your bathroom - bathroom lights

Install a big mirror

One way to give your bathroom an extravagant feel without the corresponding price tag is to install a large mirror inside. A huge mirror can also make a small room look like it has far more space than it has. Add some backlights to your mirror for a touch of glamour or add a beautiful frame around it for a chic feel. You can check out Bathroom City for a wide selection of mirrors to reflect your style.

Organize your things

Keep your bathroom looking neat and organized by removing all clutter. Since wood has that “softening” effect that adds warmth to an otherwise cold-feeling room, try organizing all your stuff into pretty storage boxes such as painted and repurposed wooden crates. You can also add timber shelving to make use of your room’s vertical space.

Prettify your windows

If you have large windows, make the most out of them by frosting the glass panels to allow lots of natural light in while also maintaining your privacy. You can also install plantation-style shutters for an elegant, old-world feel or, add bright fabric blinds for a fresh and vibrant look.

These are just five examples on how you can update your bathroom, but there are actually countless ways you can do it, from changing the towels to adding a freestanding bath to repurposing a vanity table as a sink cabinet. The key to updating is to start simple then add more changes as you see fit and as you grow more confident in your styling skill.

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