Tips to buying a great cat bed for your home

Cats are adorable. That’s why every pet owner strives to do the best for their feline buddies. But what exactly is the best? For most pet owners, this entails taking your cat to the vet on a regular basis. However, there is more to it than regular pet visits. One of the best ways to take care of your cat is to get it a nice bed. Cats love warm comfy spaces, and a nice bed would be perfect. The challenge usually comes in choosing the right bed. To help you choose a perfect bed, here are 4 tips to buying a great cat bed for your home.

Go for one made of organic materials

Before buying a cat bed, your most important consideration should be the materials. To give your cat a comfortable resting space, go for a bed made of organic materials. Non-organic beds may be cheaper, but they carry a risk of negatively affecting your cat. For instance, if your cat is allergic to the materials in the bed, the consequences can be fatal. As such, cat beds made of organic materials may be a little bit pricier, but they are worth the money. Check out Cat Cave Co. They have a wide range of organic cat beds for your feline friend.

Go for one with a detachable cover

Cats are very susceptible to fleas and other pests. That’s why you need a cat bed that is easy to clean. Otherwise, it will be a breeding ground for pests that could harm not just the cat, but you as well. To get the best bed for your cat, go for one that has a removable cover. Such a bed is easy for you to take it off and wash, on a regular basis. This way, you ensure that your cat stays healthy and happy.

Tips to buying a great cat bed for your home - purple cat bed

Simplicity is key

Sometimes, cat owners love their cats so much, that they want to choose for them cat beds that have all sorts of decorations on them. Unfortunately, this is the wrong way around it. Cats are curious, and if some of the decorations include rounded decorative ornaments, your cat may pull them off, and eat them. Of course, you don’t want that for your cat. That’s why when choosing a cat bed, go for a simple one. It may not be as attractive as you want it to be, but your cat will love it.

Go for one that fits

Before you get a cat bed, ensure that you know the size of your cat. The idea is to ensure that your cat has a comfortable place to rest. To ensure that you get a good sized bed for your cat, measure your cat’s size before making the purchase. The perfect bed should not be too small that the cat can’t sleep comfortably, or too big that the cat can’t get the warmth it needs, especially during cold weather. Luckily, taking a cats measurements is easy, and it is something you can do by yourself.