Simple Tips for Creating a Potting Shed for Your Garden

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Avid and passionate gardeners have always wanted to build their own potting sheds. Why not? Potting sheds are efficient spaces that help you keep your gardening resources organized. It is a perfect addition to any garden. Moreover, it is not that hard to make.
Simple tips for creating potting shed for your garden

If you don’t know where to start, here are some tips on how to create the perfect potting shed for your garden.

Find a Dedicated Space

The first thing you need for your potting shed is a dedicated workspace. Now, this space does not need to be huge, and, it does not need to be a stand-alone shelter. Finding a few square feet in an existing shed or garage will work, as long as you have space for a table and your materials. Ideally, you would like this shelter to have some natural light, but if it does not, you can create it with lamps.

Make Sure Your Space is Comfortable

Comfort is key if you are going to be spending some hours in your shed. Greenhouse stores will have all the materials you need to ensure your space is both comfortable and useful. If you are handy, you can build your own potting bench at a height that works for you. Otherwise, there are plenty of ready-made items that you can purchase. You’ll also need to have some lighting if you are planning to work in your shed on raining days or after the sun has gone down.

Gather Your Essentials

A potting shed requires a few basic, but essential, tools. A trowel is needed for planting your seedlings. You will also need a sharp instrument for cutting open bags of earth or packages of seeds. A hammer is always a handy tool to have nearby, as are pens, pencils, and labels, so you know what you have planted. Plastic bins can be great for organizing your items and keeping your space tidy. You may also find you will want an apron to keep your clothing clean, although not everyone finds this is necessary.

Simple tips for creating potting shed for your garden - garden tool set

Water is Essential to Life

You want to make sure your potting shed has excellent access to running water, either from a hose or tap. Your plants and seedlings will need water, so having it close by is essential. You can always bring in water in buckets if you do not have access to a running water source.

Add Some Flair

Now that you have all the essentials for your shed, it’s time to add some flair to your space to showcase your personality. Any trinkets you find or any knick-knacks related to gardening that you find interesting are great items to add to your area.

If you are an avid gardener, a potting shed might be just what you are missing. Having the dedicated space to pot your plants, and not have to worry about ensuring it is cleaned up after you are done, is ideal for those who like to take their time to make sure their plants are appropriately potted. Add a bit of personality to your space to keep it fun and functional.

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